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The sports industry in the UK contributes significantly to the economy, generating an estimated annual revenue of £28 billion. However, despite a growing industry workforce of more than 900,000, women remain under-represented both within industry and on the playing field.

Given the importance of sports in the overall health and well being of the UK population, there is a lot of focus currently on the development of role models and wider attraction and retention to encourage more women to get active. Key to this is ensuring the industry itself represents its customers and that all parts of the industry and the national governing bodies themselves, have more than the 30% of women on the board currently estimated.

With this in mind, and with the aim of supporting the overall advancement of women in sport, everywoman will be hosting an awards programme in 2020 that will celebrate those stand-out individuals moving the gender diversity agenda forward both on and off the field.


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‘You can’t be what you can’t see.’

Role models are important highlighting successful individuals leading the way provides inspiration and success for all those that go after The everywoman in Sports Industry Awards will celebrate individuals (both male and female) who have achieved something extraordinary

Nominated by their peers and assessed by an accomplished panel of judges, the judging process will culminate in a star-studded ceremony.

why support the everywoman in Sports Industry Awards?

Progressive companies understand the value of creating opportunities to learn from successful role models and build an influential, supportive network.

While more women than ever are choosing to follow a career in the sports industry, there is still work to be done when it comes to creating a culture and foundation that supports growth and development. Supporting the awards positions you as a leading brand, committed to creating an inclusive industry that values diverse points of view.

Why sponsor?



Position your organisation as an employer of choice, a
champion for diversity and benefit from an extended PR
campaign that lasts long after the ceremony is over


Align your brand with the best and brightest in the industry and promote an inclusive message


Meet and connect with thought leaders, clients and the best and brightest in the industry


What our sponsors say about other everywoman Awards…

“The everywoman in Technology Awards has helped to raiseFDM’s profile and accelerate our brand awareness, further enhancing our reputation. Furthermore, FDM has received £40,000 worth of national and regional press coverage […] giving us the opportunity to share our vision and values with wider audiences.”

Sheila Flavell,
FDM Group

“On behalf of Lloyds Banking Group, I am extremely proud to be sponsoring the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards this year. The FDM everywoman in Technology Awards offer an opportunity to cement a great partnership where we can collectively focus on developing female talent, ensuring equal opportunities and supporting career progression.”

John Chambers
Group Chief Information Officer
Lloyds Bank

“Women in BP is something we support so strongly, it’s not just about D&I, it’s about the innovation women bring, it’s about the way they think, it’s the dedication and motivation. So this award just embodies what we stand for.”

Sandra Ashmore,
CIO, BP Finance and Tax


“Dell Technologies are delighted to be supporting the 2019 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards, more specifically, the Apprentice Award. It’s never too early to start thinking about your career. Dell Technologies are committed to growing the next generation of great thinkers who can guide our business forward, today and tomorrow.”

Dayne Turbitt,
Senior Vice President, UK and Ireland

“T Systems is delighted to continue our support of the Rising Star Award. Encouraging and nurturing talented, brilliant and innovative young people into IT is key to T Systems’ success and with everywoman we have found partners who also share our passion. Together we are committed to encouraging young women and girls to view IT as a viable career, to understand the opportunities the industry can offer and to pursue their dreams.”

Alison Dodd,
Managing Director
T Systems


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