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November 2020

everywoman in Sport Awards

October 2020

everywoman produces a leading suite of Awards bringing together current industry leaders to recognise and celebrate the rising stars and leaders whose contribution will secure their sector’s future success. The Awards provide a platform for showcasing the ideas, innovation and resilience within every woman.

Given the need to ensure greater gender parity and diversity within the sport industry as a whole, everywoman will be launching an everywoman in Sport Awards programme in 2020.

The awards will provide a powerful platform for showcasing role models from across the industry spectrum – from those individuals/organisations leading change at a local, grassroots level, to athletes and sporting industry leaders – all those who serve as inspirational role models for the next generation.

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For sponsorship and partner enquiries, please contact Seema Bennett on seema@everywoman.com


Nominations will be open from early March 2020 and a full list of categories will be available shortly


My theory is that we need more women involved in all elements of sport, because if it’s always male dominated, girls will always be left out and considered second.

Judy Murray OBE