everywoman in Retail Hub

in partnership with Barclaycard


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everywoman in Retail Hub 

in partnership with Barclaycard



As the business community adjusts to the physical constraints the global pandemic is placing upon it, so we must adapt to ensure that the Barclaycard everywoman in Retail programme remains relevant and appropriate. ​ For 13 years, this programme has uncovered inspirational role models, from apprentices to senior leaders. Women who LOVE retail, who are fulfilling their ambitions to become industry leaders, women who are smashing any stereotype that retail is ‘just a job’ as opposed to a career. We have celebrated these women, the retailers they work for, and the male colleagues who support and champion their success with an annual awards ceremony and dinner.  ​

This year we believe women in retail and their employers need more than a recognition programme from us. They need a place, accessible to all, that offers inspiration, access to role models, practical self-development and leadership tools, workshops and webinars. A community. ​

By developing a digital community dedicated to retailers, we have the ability to reinvent how we support and showcase role models for the industry in 2020... And beyond. ​


The everywoman in Retail Hub in partnership with Barclaycard will be launching soon. To be notified when it is live CLICK HERE​​



As all retailers face very challenging times, the everywoman in Retail Hub created in partnership with Barclaycard will enable sponsors and supporters of the programme to build brand reputation as trusted industry partners. Partners who recognise the immediate priorities and concerns of the retail industry and are able to contribute their insights and showcase their inspirational role models to help advance women in retail even in difficult times. ​​

Whether that’s by offering SMEs access to practical insights, resources and advice from retail Ambassadors and award programme alumni, or profiling leaders and role models who operate across larger retail brands. Offering digital leadership and self development programmes, and coaching on topics relevant at this time: transferrable skills, confidence, self-limiting beliefs, personal  brand, the everywoman in Retail Hub will be relevant for all – big and small. ​​

While the majority of the content will be accessible to everyone, Sponsor Partners will have the opportunity to offer access to the premium leadership training and coaching to a limited number of chosen women. Retailers will elect colleagues to offer this to, Partners may prefer to offer these delegate places to existing or prospective customers. 

For more information on sponsorship and partner opportunities, please contact Seema Bennett on seema@everywoman.com