24 senior female leaders attended the everywoman Forum India Thought Leadership Breakfast in May to share their insights on the landscape for women in business in India, and to help us create the agenda for the event. They also signed up to be everywomanAmbassadors from India.

Hear below from 3 of our everywomanAmbassadors talking about the challenges around gender parity in India and the importance of ambassadors and role models.





See below for a selection of everywoman’s interviews and features on key industry figures in India

Article: The gender landscape in India by Aashish Kasad, Partner at EY

Aashish Kasad is a Tax Partner for Ernst & Young LLP, India and the India Region Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) Leader. We talked to her about the importance of communication in leadership and how D&I initiatives are changing the gender landscape in India.


Article: My working life: RBS India's Saraswathi H

The everywomanWorld series catches up with Change Manager Saraswathi Hariharasubramanian (she goes by Saraswathi H for an easier life!), as the Royal Bank Of Scotland’s India office makes its annual preparations for International Women’s Day.


Article: My Working Life: Vodafone India's Reena Mathew

We head to the Pune area of India, which is home to Communications Specialist Reena Mathew - and uncover a day in the life for her.


Article: A Day in The Life of Vidya Laxman - Tesco India’s Engineering Director

Growing up in Bangalore, Vidya Laxman defied cultural expectations to study computer engineering.


Article: “Be aware and challenge your unconscious bias, change the mindset - and be supportive of change”

A director in the Investment Banking Division at Barclays India, Ashok Lodha is also co-chair for Win, the gender network. He is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, as well as a key driver of various mentoring initiatives within the organisation. We talked to him about the challenges and opportunities of creating greater diversity and the powerful role of male allies in shifting attitudes and creating real change.


Article: Tri-Dosha's Sunita Passi on taking the plunge & going global

Sunita Passi is the founder of Tri-Dosha, an ethical Ayurvedic and holistic company, specialising in skincare products, holistic treatments and professional training in yoga, meditation and spirituality; herbs and nutrition; mantras and gem therapy. As she prepares to expand her business into the international market, she tells us about the pleasures and challenges of working across continents and cultures, and offers expert advice for those wishing to follow suit.


Video: everywoman Global Perspectives with Niketa Thakar

Niketa Thakar is the former Head of Business Management India, Corporate Services at RBS and a member of the Focussed Women's Network. She is now VP - Leadership Coach India at RBS. Niketa has joined RBS in 2010 and is presently heading the Business Management team for Corporate Services in India.


Article: Five-Minute Fireside Q&A with Rashmi Jati Apte

In this series, we get the low-down from busy everywoman role models about the key things they’ve learned during their careers…and what they now know for sure. This month Rashmi Jati Apte, Head of ePMO, Indore Development Centre, Worldpay India discusses her key tips for networking, wellbeing and sustaining a successful career.