The everywoman India Forum 2020 was held in September. The first week consisted of a senior leaders training programme for high potential women who are looking to step up into senior leadership positions. 

Week 2 consisted of keynotes, panel and round table discussions as well as masterclasses on various leadership and wellness-being themes. A selection of the week 2 sessions are available as on-demand recordings for registered delegates. For more information on accessing the on-demand recordings, please contact events@everywoman.com


 Week 2 - everywoman Forum

Week 2 - everywoman forum Agenda

The main Forum over 3 afternoons from 1400 – 1730 hours with short breaks are interactive sessions which will also be made available as on-demand sessions later. 


Forum - 15 September 2020

13:50-14:00 IST
Getting the Most Out of the Forum

everywoman Co-Founders outline how to best use this forum to: 

  • Gain industry knowledge directly from global peers and thought leaders 
  • Progress your career 
  • Support your team and/or women in your organisation 
  • Hone your leadership abilities 
  • Make at least 10 long-lasting new global industry connections 

Speakers: Karen Gill MBE & Maxine Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd 

14:00-14:30 IST
Going Beyond Leadership in an Era of Change

In the new digital world, leaders need to take a step up and inspire change. More diverse teams lead to greater business success, and the more influence you have, the greater chance you have at balancing the scales. In this session four global leaders will discuss how to make the shift from leader to influencer and ensure that you take others with you on your journey. Session topics include: 

  • Mindset Shift: From leading to influencing and inspiring 
  • The importance of Male Allies 
  • How to create a culture of equal opportunity 
  • The importance of taking others with you on your journey and showcasing role models 

Moderator: Shaji Thomas, Advisor - Destination Management, Royal Commission for Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mark McLane, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being, M&G​
Fumbi Chima, Global CIO, Adidas

Shanta Gandhi, Head - HR, CSR and Internal Branding, RBL
Andrew Hershon, Head of India Operations​, Morgan Stanley

14:30-15:00 IST
The Business Case for Diversity

In this powerful & thought-provoking interview, Ram Gopal, CEO of Barclays India and Dr Sumit Mitra, Tesco PLC’s CEO of Global Business Services division and CEO of Tesco Bengaluru discuss diversity & inclusiveness, women in leadership, and the business case for diversity.

Facilitator: Parineeta Sethi, Chief Editor & Publisher, Pinnacle Connect LLP​

Ram Gopal, CEO of Barclays India​
Dr Sumit Mitra, CEO, Global Business Services division, Tesco PLC and CEO of Tesco Bengaluru​

15:00-15:45 IST
Thriving in the #NewNormal

2020 has brought with it far-reaching uncertainty in business, homelife and society across the globe. This session will help you find calm in the #NewNormal whilst enhancing productivity, building resilience and boosting immunity.

In this session you will: 

  • Discover how to appreciate the new normal and the positive opportunity this has for us all 
  • Understand the effects of stress that diminish physical and emotional resilience 
  • Understand the importance of focusing on self-care to improve productivity & performance 
  • Find balance between personal and professional demands 

Dr. Marcus Ranney, General Manager, Thrive Global

16:00 – 16:45 IST
Assert in the New Normal

Programme Facilitators:
Padmaja Vaswani, Founder, WeMantra
Dr. Abha Bhartia, Founder, WeMantra

16:45-17:30 IST
everywoman Connect: everywoman Mentoring Circles

In this 45 minute session, you will be able to network in groups to help you connect and get facetime with peers & thought leaders across the globe. Each group will meet with 3 mentors and can discuss career challenges and share top tips and advice to excel in your career. 


Shivangi Ambani, Manager, FCO 
Dimple Batra, Sr. Program Manager, Google Bangalore
Bhanu Sharma, Trading Services Manager, IG​
Ashok Lodha, Director, Investment Banking Division, Barclays 
Vidya Laxman, Technology Director, Tesco India
Jayashree Mitra, Senior Vice President – Head, Global Regulatory Portfolio Management, Standard Chartered Bank  
Sandhya Vasudevan, Managing Director - Industry Practice and Inclusion and Diversity, Deutsche Bank   
Aruna Vaz, Senior Manager- Entity Risk, Resilience and Compliance oversight M&G  
Mamta S, Managing Director, Accenture Operations

Divya Sundaresh, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Forum - 16 September 2020

14:00-14:45 IST
Creating Healthy and Mindful Workplaces

To ensure equal participation and equal opportunity at work, it is important to do away with discriminatory behaviour and gain the trust of employees. In this session, Shivangi Prasad, corporate lawyer, will be joined with her partners, a litigation lawyer and a behavioural psychologist to discuss the sensitive challenges that some women in leadership roles face, which can be difficult to discuss openly. 

Shivangi Prasad, Advocate, Author & Partner, POSH at Work
Samriti Makkar Midha, Psychologist & Partner, POSH at Work
Sana Hakim, Advocate & Partner, POSH at Work

15:00–15:45 IST
Interactive Roundtables

Thought leadership roundtables, making new connections and engage in peer-to-peer learning. Choose from tables on: 

  • Taking a step back – how to make the move from ‘doer’ to ‘leader’ in your mind and the mind of others - Nidhi Kumar, Technology Leader, IG Group 
  • Understanding yourself – creating greater self-awareness to achieve your goals - Pushpa Nalavade, Director, Global Business Services Network, Accenture
  • Brand ‘Me’ - How to market yourself and build the reputation that you want - Vidya Laxman, Technology Director, Tesco India​
  • Beyond Leadership - Influencing - Gayathri Ramamurthy Senior Director, Lead - Diversity & Inclusion, Capgemini
  • Strong communication & leadership skills – enabling trust as a leader - Winny Patel, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Work-life balance - Chitra Sunder, D&I APAC Head, Barclays
  • Breaking boundaries – stepping outside of your comfort zone - Shivangi Ambani, Manager, FCO​ 
  • Engaging Male Agents of Change - Rajiv Duggal, Director - Travel Specialist LLP​
  • Harassment in the workplace - Shivangi Prasad, Advocate, Author & Partner, POSH at Work
  • Wellbeing - Carlyne Remedios, Team Lead - Nutrition and Clinical practices, The Digestive Health Institute
  • Returnship - Joanna Rhule, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, M&G


16:00–16:45 IST
Managing your career in a slow growth environment

As businesses face a slowdown and financial crunch, each of our careers stand to get impacted. Is there a silver lining and how do you find it? This session talks about the opportunities amidst the pandemic, how you can develop and position yourself into a place of strength, the importance of building internal anchors - all geared towards sustaining a long-term career. During this interactive session, learn the tools for mental modelling, career goal-setting, building a learning mindset and better networking skills. 

Puja Kohli, Founder Director, Unfold Consulting
Aparna George, D&I Practice Lead, Unfold Consulting

17:00-17:30 IST
Panel Discussion: The Power of Authenticity in Inspiring Teams, Building Relationships, Advancing Your Career and being visible

Research shows that the key to leading a successful career isn’t just about how hard you work, but the way others perceive you. To lead an unforgettable career, you must learn ‘the art of being memorable’. In this panel discussion four leaders, with outstanding careers, share how they have become visible in the workplace through charisma, confidence and self-belief. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to get your voice heard – in the physical and digital world 
  • How to step up and take control of your career – creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to happen 
  • How to network effectively for career growth 
  • The art of storytelling  

Moderator: Marya Shakil, Political Editor and Senior Anchor, CNN-News18

Torie Chilcott, Co-Founding Partner, Paddle Consulting
Ruhi Ranjan, Managing Director, Accenture

Radha Mahadevan, Finance Controller, 10FA India 
Sophie Chandauka, Global COO, Shared Services and Banking Operations, Morgan Stanley

Forum - 17 September 2020

14:00-14:10 IST
Keynote Address

Alan Gemmell OBE, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia and the British Deputy High Commissioner for Western India 


14:15-14:35 IST
A Letter To My Younger Self, Facing the New World

As we all adjust our thinking and plan for future ways of working, we ask a global leader who has achieved phenomenal success in her career, what advice she would give to her younger self starting out, facing the new challenges and the world of opportunity post- pandemic. 

Caroline Rush CBE, CEO, British Fashion Council 

14:40-15:00 IST
Advancing & empowering women in business

Shanti Ekambaram, Group President – Consumer Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank joins us to enrich the audience with her unique insights and experiences on ddvancing & empowering women in business. In this session, attendees will hear about Ms Ekambaram's journey to becoming such a powerful and inspiring force in the corporate world, challenges encountered and overcome along the way, mentors who helped develop her to being the leader she is today and her unique thoughts on inclusion and diversity.

Shanti Ekambaram, Group President – Consumer Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank

15:00-15:30 IST
Panel Discussion: Advancing Your Career – Self Leadership and the Importance of Making Connections

With more of us working away from the traditional office, the need to motivate yourself, set your career goals and surround yourself, virtually, with a support network has never been more important. In this session our panellists will discuss: 

  • Understanding yourself – your traits & tendencies – and how to push yourself to achieve success 
  • How to step up and take control of your career – creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to happen 
  • How to create the support network that you need to succeed 

Moderator: Mr. Mahesh Shirodkar, Managing Director- Tamarind Global Services Pvt. Ltd​

Lyn Grobler, Group CIO, Hyperion Insurance Group
Gayathri Mohan, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sopra Steria​
Caryl-Ann Colaco, Head of Risk and Compliance, M&G​

Anuradha Sengupta, Broadcast Journalist

15:40 - 16:10 IST
Powerful Pause

This calming practice will leave delegates feeling energised and focused. You will experience a gentle mindful movement practice followed by a grounding breathing practice, creating the space to reflect on the days’ learning. We will end with a powerful visualisation to empower you to instil the learnings into your day-to-day.

Laila Datoo, Business Well-being Coach,  a.life.more.mindful

16:20-16:50 IST
Panel Discussion: The Future of Inclusion and Diversity: What this means for leadership and the world of work

“Necessity is the mother of all invention” – a saying that has never been more true. 2021 and beyond will see a very different business landscape to 2020 and inclusion and diversity is going to be at the forefront of many business agendas. In this session, we discuss how we can drive this conversation forward and what the future world of work may look like

Join this session to discuss:

  • What the future of inclusion and diversity looks like
  • What the future leader looks like
  • How to engage millennials in the I&D conversation
  • Tips on how to create a more diverse culture in your organisation

Narayanan Balasubramaniam, Executive Vice President, Europe Strategic Business Unit India Leader, Capgemini


Sarita Bahl, Country Group Head – CSR, South Asia, Director, Bayer Prayas Association
Sophie Ross, Deputy Head of Political and Bilateral Affairs, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in India.
Aradhana Lal, Vice President - Brand, Communications & Sustainability Initiatives, Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.
Ruhie Pande, Chief Human Resources Officer, Godrej Housing Finance​


16:50-17:10 IST
Reflection and Goal Setting – everywoman's Ambition Hour: Your Guide to Building & Executing Your Personal Development Plan

Whether you are starting out or at the upper end of your career, if you drive your own development and work towards clear goals, you’ll be better equipped to navigate your career, wherever you want to take it. In many roles, qualifications are key; but there are other skills you need to stand out from the crowd. In this session, we will provide you with a workbook and show you how you can ring-fence an hour each week to focus on you and your own development. 

Speaker: Kate Farrow, Director of Training, Everywoman Ltd 

17:10-17:30 IST
everywoman Summary & Close

Speakers: Karen Gill MBE & Maxine Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd 


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