everywoman Forum India

everywoman Forum India

Developing Leaders for the Future World of Work

Mumbai, October 2020

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Developing Leaders for the Future World of Work

Mumbai, October 2020

You want to go as far in your career as possible, as quickly as possible. We want that for you too. And we’re going to provide you with the support you need to get there.

The everywoman Forum India is designed to connect, empower and equip aspiring future leaders from all sectors with the inspiration and tools to achieve their career potential.

The event will be held in Mumbai in October 2020.

For sponsorship and partner enquiries, please contact Shaista Khan on shaista@everywoman.com

The event will:

The Forum will offer learning and networking for female and male talent, giving a fuller understanding of how gender diversity has a positive impact on performance, and how achieving a better gender-balanced workforce is vital for all businesses. 

  • Develop global citizenship and give attendees the chance to join a global conversation

  • Showcase the stories behind the professional journeys of inspirational Indian and International role models and leaders

  • Provide invaluable practical tips and insights to better understand and respond to workplace challenges

  • Inspire attendees to become part of the everywoman pledge to enable sustainable parity for women in business globally

  • Spark new thinking and provide valuable new connections and mentoring opportunities

The everywoman forum will feature:

  • Inspirational keynotes and career development stories from India’s most senior female and male business leaders.

  • Exciting case studies and panel discussions to help you understand how to accelerate your career development and how other companies are hiring, training and developing a diverse workforce.

  • Practical power hours led by expert trainers to help you present yourself and your team more effectively.


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Why attend

Develop a leadership mindset

So much of what helps future leaders address issues around inclusion and diversity and go on to succeed in business comes down to mindset and attitude. See for yourself what C-suite calibre behaviours look like and what you need to do to emulate them.


See what it takes to reach the top

Whether you’re a rising star, middle manager or already into your journey through the ranks of senior leadership, you’ll see what it takes to reach the next level and gain the practical skills to get there.

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Build your network

Building and leveraging a supportive network of mentors, supporters and like minded peers, both locally and globally, is a sure fire strategy to get ahead in your career. Here you can meet more of the right kind of people, all in one place.

How the everywoman Forum India helps future leaders:

  • Promoting: The event provides a prominent platform to promote women’s interests in and contributions to business in India. It raises the profile of all women across the country.
  • Inspiring: The stories of each of our speakers resonate with others aspiring to similar achievements, inspiring them to be their very best, to achieve more than they thought possible and to be a champion of women’s interests in India.
  • Recognising: By recognising exceptional contributors to the industry on such a high profile public platform, everywoman sets up the next generation to assume leadership positions at the very highest levels


For sponsorship and partner enquiries, please contact Shaista Khan on shaista@everywoman.com 


everywoman is the original organisation for advancing women in business. Founders Maxine Benson, MBE and Karen Gill, MBE created the organisation 20 years ago and have fought tirelessly for equality and inclusion for women at all levels through our events, advocacy and global online network for career and personal development.

In addition to everywoman’s many and diverse activities across a range of industries and around the world, we are proud to support Modern Muse, a not-for-profit social enterprise designed to inspire and engage the next generation of female business leaders and entrepreneurs.


join other companies leading the way in gender diversity

Does your organisation champion diversity and inclusiveness? We want to work with you to advance that agenda. Supported by the most forward-thinking brands such as Accenture, EY, Barclays, Experian and RBS, the Forum champions women achieving career success and breaking glass ceilings in India as well as the companies that are supporting them to do so.

Aligning your brand with the Forum demonstrates your commitment to achieving gender diversity, and investing in your female workforce. The Forum is also an excellent opportunity to engage clients and motivate teams in an inspiring setting. To find out more about how your company can get involved contact shaista@everywoman.com