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You want to go as far in your career as possible, as quickly as possible. We want that for you too. And we’re going to provide you with the support you need to get there.

The everywoman Forum is designed to connect, empower and equip aspiring future leaders from all sectors with the inspiration and tools to achieve their career potential.

The event features a series of practical workshops on 25 September, followed by a full day Forum on 26 September. 

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The everywoman Forum will feature:

  • Inspirational keynotes and career development stories from India’s most senior female and male business leaders.
  • Exciting case studies and panel discussions to help you understand how to accelerate your career development and how other companies are hiring, training and developing a diverse workforce.
  • Practical power hours led by expert trainers to help you present yourself and your team more effectively.


The event will:

  • Develop global citizenship and give attendees the chance to join a global conversation
  • Showcase the stories behind the professional journeys of inspirational Indian and International role models and leaders
  • Provide invaluable practical tips and insights to better understand and respond to workplace challenges
  • Inspire attendees to become part of the everywoman pledge to enable sustainable parity for women in business globally
  • Spark new thinking and provide valuable new connections and mentoring opportunities



  • Develop a leadership mindset: So much of what helps future leaders address issues around inclusion and diversity and go on to succeed in business comes down to mindset and attitude. See for yourself what C-suite calibre behaviours look like and what you need to do to emulate them.
  • See what it takes to reach the top: Whether you’re a rising star, middle manager or already into your journey through the ranks of senior leadership, you’ll see what it takes to reach the next level and gain the practical skills to get there.
  • Build your network: Building and leveraging a supportive network of mentors, supporters and like minded peers, both locally and globally, is a sure fire strategy to get ahead in your career. Here you can meet more of the right kind of people, all in one place.



  • Promoting: The event provides a prominent platform to promote women’s interests in and contributions to business in India. It raises the profile of all women across the country through the attention it garners when it promotes its brightest stars.
  • Inspiring: The stories of each of our speakers resonate with others aspiring to similar achievements, inspiring them to be their very best, to achieve more than they thought possible and to be a champion of women’s interests in India.
  • Recognising: By recognising exceptional contributors to the industry on such a high profile public platform, everywoman sets up the next generation to assume leadership positions at the very highest levels.


AttendAnce options




Everywoman is the original organisation for advancing women in business. Founders Maxine Benson, MBE and Karen Gill, MBE created the organisation 20 years ago and have fought tirelessly for equality and inclusion for women at all levels through our events, advocacy and global online network for career and personal development.

In addition to everywoman’s many and diverse activities across a range of industries and around the world, we are proud to support Modern Muse, a not-for-profit social enterprise designed to inspire and engage the next generation of female business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Does your organisation champion diversity and inclusiveness? We want to work with you to advance that agenda. Supported by the most forward-thinking brands, the forum champions women achieving career success and breaking glass ceilings in India as well as the companies that are supporting them to do so.

Aligning your brand with the awards demonstrates your commitment to achieving gender diversity, and investing in your female workforce. The awards are also an excellent opportunity to engage clients and motivate teams in an inspiring setting. To find out more about how your company can get involved contact info@everywoman.com

When and where
25th September 2019 to 26th September 2019
Start time: 
End time: 
Location TBC Mumbai

25 September 2019: Practical Workshops

Workshops for Diversity and Inclusion Leaders

Workshops for Developing Leaders

10:00-13:00 - Workshop A:

Promoting and Developing Inclusive Leadership in your Organisation


Inclusive Leadership is all about creating environments that promote, encourage and actively think about diversity. This workshop will showcase new ways to motivate, engage, advance and retain women as part of that puzzle. Coverage will be given of what men vs women need, what the differences are and how to create inclusive environments. A segment will also be focused on unconscious bias.



  • Help promote environments that are advantageous to managing mixed gender teams
  • Better understanding of gender dynamics, resulting in improved team dynamics
  • Insight into how to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity
  • Better understanding of developing gender smart behaviour throughout the employee lifecycle starting with your hiring strategy

10:00-13:00 - Workshop C:

The Art of Managing Up and Across: The New Leader’s Practical Masterclass


If you don’t know how to successfully manage up, you may never have the opportunity to successfully manage down. This workshop is designed to show new managers and soon to be leaders how to maximise their career and effectiveness in their role by managing up and across. From understanding the management style of your organisation and boss to building strong relationships, when it comes to getting the best out of people, managing upwards and across is key.



  • Better understanding of what it actually means to ‘manage up’
  • Enhancing your listening skills
  • Supporting multiple bosses
  • Working with your own organisational peer group




14:00-17:00 - Workshop B:

The Return: A Master Class: How to Bring Talent Back to the Workforce and Make Returner Programmes Work for your Organisation


Businesses are increasingly taking steps to support women who have taken a career break to return to the workplace, spurred on by an awareness that harnessing returner talent is key to addressing skills shortages, maintaining competitiveness and corporate goodwill.


This workshop will help employers looking at tapping into returner talent.



  • Practical guidance will be given on designing and implementing successful returner programmes
  • Insight into approaches employers can take and on support that can be given
  • Helping women to pivot their careers for the benefit of your future talent pipeline
  • Navigating the practical challenges from the organisational point of view will also be discussed


14:00-17:00 - Workshop D:

Growth Mindset Workshop: What it is, How to Get it and How to Use It


Rethinking your role as a manager or team leader and achieving your next career goal can be greatly assisted by moving from a ‘manager’ to a ‘growth leader’ mindset. This masterclass will define the role of building a collaborative culture, creating a shared vision and influencing in developing a growth mindset. Mindsets, beliefs about personal attributes such as talents, abilities and capabilities can influence success in many areas of life, from sports to parenting – and work.


This masterclass is developed for new or about to be leaders who are looking to build their leadership and managerial arsenal.



  • What growth mindset is, including key examples
  • How to implement a growth mindset in your work and leadership efforts
  • Developing good habits


26 September 2019: everywoman in India forum

Registration and coffee



Karen Gill MBE & Max Benson MBE, Founders, everywoman Ltd


Opening Keynote Presentation: The Role of Women in the Future World of Work

For women to rise we must close the confidence gap. Women, even though strong on aspirations and skills still have fewer networks than men and multiple challenges when designing their career paths. Combining an international mindset and experience with uniquely Indian considerations, this powerful keynote will set the tone for the day and showcase new insights designed to empower attendees to understand the organisational and personal mindsets that hold women back and how to navigate them.


Keynote Presentation: Leadership – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Women across the board – no matter what stage of their career – find themselves in the throes of industry, business and cultural changes – or in some cases, they might be frustrated at the lack of change. In this keynote, hear practical insight into how to find male allies and garner wider support within your business to help move your career forward.


Power Panel: Advancing Women in the Workplace

Women must create the future by innovating and inspiring change. This panel of leaders will explore new ways in which women can advance themselves, their organisations, their teams – and the next generation to achieve the aim of gender parity. Points for discussion

  • Why does innovation matter?
  • How can you develop and gain support from male allies?  
  • Why does technology need women?
  • What does the next generation need and how do you bring millennials into the conversation?
  • What does the future of work look like?
  • Is it worth incorporating a talking point on tech and future of work?


Master’s Panel:  Becoming the Leader You Want to Become and Navigating the Workplace Now and in the Future: 10 Key Tips

In this practical session, industry leaders will discuss their key tips for building a successful career.


Addressing the Gender Pay Gap: Where are we Now?
Women are paid the most unequally in India, compared to men – on average 34% less according to a recent study by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Get the latest information on what forward-thinking companies are doing, why the pay gap matters and the role you can play in addressing the gender pay gap – from knowing your worth, to negotiating and the importance of awareness.



Open Sessions: Developing Your Leadership Potential, Skills and Boosting Your Career

Choose your roundtable, make new connections and engage in peer-to-peer learning. Choose from tables on:

  1. New manager support roundtable
  2. Managing your returnship
  3. Working mum’s roundtable
  4. Forget mentorship think sponsorship – what’s it all about and how can you get it or give it?
  5. Designing your work life integration
  6. How to say no and own it
  7. Preparing for leadership
  8. Being a mobile mother: how mobility and family can successfully coexist
  9. Bloom where you are planted: redefining growth and success at your mid-career
  10. Women in civil service roundtable
  11. Becoming a male agent of change
  12. Talking so people will listen – the power of storytelling

Closed Door Session: Invite Only – everywomanAmbassadors India, Meeting
Advisory board meeting for everywomanAmbassadors India and C-Suite leaders.


Lunch and Networking

Interactive networking & lunch session + Launch of pledge card Wall.


Power Hours – Session 1

All attendees have a choice of two back-to-back master trainer led power-hour workshops (topics to be confirmed)




Power Hour – Session 2

Choose your second session.


Case Study


16.30    Closing Keynote: How Courage + Dreams = Success: Why My Story is Her Story

  • Motivational Keynote presentation
  • Focused on a female leader’s journey


16:50    Reflections of the Day and Closing remarks


17.00    Networking Drinks Reception


18.00    End of everywoman Forum India

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