everywoman Forum Canada

everywoman Forum Canada


Don’t miss this empowering one-day event focused on connecting, inspiring and motivating women in business.

Understand the connections between diversity and business success through motivating keynotes and engaging panels before immersing yourself in our Power Hours and networking sessions to turbo-charge your career.

The everywoman Forum Canada is designed to connect, empower and equip women with the inspiration and tools to achieve their career potential.

This event is your opportunity to join the global discussion on gender parity, and connect with like minded women and men and businesses across the world.


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  • Develop a leadership mindset: So much of what helps future leaders address issues around inclusion and diversity and go on to succeed in business comes down to mindset and attitude. See for yourself what C-suite calibre behaviours look like and what you need to do to emulate them.
  • See what it takes to reach the top: Whether you’re a rising star, middle manager or already into your journey through the ranks of senior leadership, you’ll see what it takes to reach the next level and gain the practical skills to get there.
  • Build your network: Building and leveraging a supportive network of mentors, supporters and like minded peers, both locally and globally, is a sure fire strategy to get ahead in your career. Here you can meet more of the right kind of people, all in one place.



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The full agenda will be announced shortly. Topics and themes for the forum will include:

  • The State Of The Nation: Women in Business in Canada Today
  • The Future Workplace: Friend or Foe?
  • Moving the Conversation on From Gender Diversity: Welcome to Intersectionality
  • Securing your Seat at the Leadership Table
  • Developing Your Leadership Journey: The Accidental On Purpose Path to Success
  • Advancing Women through Inspiration and Innovation
  • The ROI of Distributed Leadership: What Role for Men?
  • The Myth of Balance: What does Having it All Mean Now?
  • Personal Stories and Career Paths

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What delegates say about everywoman events:

“I loved the positive tone of the event, focusing on tangible actions for change”
“Loved the talks from leaders within my industry. As we don’t often have the opportunity to hear from these people. So inspiring”
“Broad range of topics, inspirational and engaging speakers - been to many conferences on the topics where speakers miss the mark when it comes to the subject and are not relatable or engaging”


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If you are interested in getting more involved with the everywoman Forum Canada,  whether that be speaking, supporting or sponsoring please contact Anna Josko: anna@everywoman.com