Podcast: techUK president Jacqueline de Rojas talks inclusion and ambition in the digital space

As President of techUK, Jacqueline de Rojas heads up the organisation that represents the digital companies and technologies that are shaping our lives - and will continue to increasingly define the social and business world. But with women, BAME and those in later life significantly underrepresented in this fast-moving Brave New World the challenges for diversity and inclusion are pressing. “Where are the others?” is the question she suggests we all ask when faced with a meeting or a team where diversity is absent, to do our part to level the playing field, and ensure that the future is written by all of us.


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Director of Data Science at Deliveroo (and 2020 everywoman in Tech Forum speaker) gives us an insight into her working life


Article: A day in the life of Angela Maragopoulou – Deutsche Telekom’s Chief Information Officer, b2b

Between her two-hour train ride to work and her evening meditation practice, Angela Maragopoulou conducts her days according to the philosophies of ‘servant leadership’ and the Japanese ‘Kaizen’...


Article: Gender parity in the tech space

“Men need to be part of the solution. Gender parity isn’t going to be achieved by a single group, we will all get there faster together” - Director of the London Geekettes, Dr Marily Nika discusses gender parity in the tech space.


Article: How to Prepare for AI in the Workplace: Education and Empathy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to disrupt the workplace – within five years we could all have an AI work colleague. It’s worth starting to prepare now for this work revolution, say everywoman co-founders Maxine Benson and Karen Gill.