everywoman in Tech Forum - Wednesday 4 March 2020

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Opening Remarks and Welcome

The Everywoman in Tech Forum is all about advancing women working in tech, as well as women who want to stay abreast of how technology is affecting the workplace – and beyond. To kick-start the day, Karen and Max will share their views on how women can improve their position in a rapidly changing market to empower themselves and get a real seat at the table.

This session will also introduce to our ‘You’re the Voice’ research initiative, run by Wharton Business Consulting, which will measure our current attitudes to openness and transparency within our organisations.

Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE, Co-founders, Everywoman

Keynote presentation: Tech market review and predictions for the future
  • Reviewing the huge developments in corporate digital transformation and the latest advances in digital, cloud-based systems, automation and analytics
  • Predictions for how the market will grow further over the coming year, with the arrival of 5G connectivity making way for live VR broadcasting and greater utilisation of AR in the workplace
  • What this means for the future world of work

Fiona Gallagher-Payet, International Director, Enterprise Engineering, Facebook

In Conversation With Fumbi Chima, Global CIO
Panel Discussion: Evolving a balanced team in the age of digital transformation and the gig economy

As the tech landscape starts to shift dramatically, building inclusive teams becomes the key to outpacing competitors, boost productivity and keep up with demand. In this panel with key tech innovators, we cover:

  • Practical approaches to building diverse teams: what’s working and what’s not
  • What new skills and abilities are needed as the landscapes evolves
  • What will the future of tech leadership look like?
  • What we wish we had known…

Ela Osterberg, Director of Data Science, Deliveroo
Janice Levenhagen-Seeley, CEO & founder, Chicktech
Gen Ashley, Ambassador, Google WomenTechmakers & Lead, NASA SpaceApps London
Lynsey Campbell, Chair, Scotland Women in Technology 
Sharmila Paranjpe, Vice President and Country Head UK & Ireland, Wipro

Networking Break

Inspirational Insight: Breaking Down Barriers and Unlocking Potential in STEM

In this session Electronics Engineer, STEM ambassador and LGBT+ rights campaigner Shrouk El-Attar shares her experiences of overcoming enormous challenge in order to unlock the potential of a career in STEM, and shares her tips for overcoming adversity in the workplace.

Shrouk El-Attar MEng MIET (She/They), Electronic Design Engineer, Renishaw

Building the World We Want

When women are not fully represented within the tech landscape, it's not only damaging for ourselves, it's damaging for society as a whole. Without active participation in tech, we are in danger of writing ourselves out of history.

  • How can we, as women in tech, build the world we want?
  • A personal journey to leadership in the tech space
  • Key strategies that women can take now to build the world that we want for ourselves - today and looking to the future

Anne-Marie Neatham, COO, Ocado

Inspiring innovation to get ahead of the tech curve

  • What we mean when we talk about innovation
  • Tips for creating an innovation culture
  • The importance of diverse teams

Nerys Mutlow, Evangelist, ServiceNow Innovation.


Lessons learned from top tech entrepreneurs

Karima Catherine Goundiam, CEO, Red Dot Digital
Amy Chalfen, Business Advisor
Eno Essien, CEO, Rheytrak
Kim Nilsson, CEO, Pivigo
Gemma Taylor, Technology and Partnerships Lead, Deliotte

From Manager to Leader: Practical Approaches to Leading an Inclusive Team
Sharon Lee, Associate Director, Programme and Project Management, Arup

Leading Through Change
Hetti Barkworth Nanton,
Transformation Director, Vodafone UK, Enterprise Vodafone


Case Study Presentation: The Importance of Mentors on the Tech Journey

Debbie Forster MBE, CEO, Tech Talent Charter

Tackling Unconscious Bias: Giving Everyone an Equal Voice

Harriet Rees, Head of Data Science, Starling Bank

Building Inclusive Products and Practicing Proactive Inclusion

Charly Lester, Co-Founder and CMO, Lumen App


Panel Discussion: Turbocharging Your Tech Career

  • Digital transformation is completely changing society and the way business works. How can we all be a part of it?
  • Where are the best opportunities in tech right now. Where is the funding? Considering Blockchain, Coding, Security, AI, VR/AR, Networks, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Fintech, Utilities, Education, and Tech Entrepreneurship
  • What skills and alliances do women need in order to advance in tech to best effect?
  • Perception v. reality: work-life balance, innovation, true diversity and measuring productivity in a knowledge economy

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Surgeon, Royal London and St Bartholomew Hospitals
Michelle Chivunga, Chair - International Committee, The British Blockchain Association
Jennifer Achiro, Enterprise Sales Lead: UK Government, Microsoft
Vidya Laxman, Technology Director, Tesco Bengaluru

Panel Discussion: Meeting the Need to Create Better Parity and Diversity in the Tech Environment

  • Robots and AI bots are typically given female names, but think with male minds – more female coders are essential! How should we encourage them forward?
  • Can women in tech still succeed if they are not pushing forward at max capacity?
  • What strategies can we put in place to help employees take the leap into ambitious roles?
  • Why diversity makes an organisation stronger
  • Work should not be everything: Look after the health of employees by setting a clear line between work and non-work and ensuring that staff are well-supported
  • What are the best corporate examples to follow, where equality in tech is actively being prioritised?

Carol Morris, Head of Cloud Centre of Excellence, Barclays
Ciaran Martin, Head of National Cyber Security Center
Gerry Mulvihill, Head of Programme Management Group, Group IT, SSE
Gill Wylie, Transformation Director, Lloyds Banking Group

Panel Discussion: Panel discussion: Making an Inclusive Technology Industry a Reality

  • The tech sectors needs to be more diverse. How is your organisation make a difference?
  • Tackling the gender pay gap – what is working and what is not?
  • Thinking outside the box: Why equality = happy staff; happy staff = greater productivity, longer-term staff, more creativity and greater profits
  • Encouraging flexible working and a good work-life balance
  • Which tech companies are leading in diversity? 

Aislin O'Connor, VP, MUFG Union Bank
Robert Elsey, CIO, Bank of England
Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO, Women's Engineering Society
Kim Palmer, Founder, Clementine App

Afternoon Interactive Roundtables
Diversity in the Office - Strategies for Encouraging Diversity of Thought and Engaging Across a Diverse Talent Pool - Gender, Cultural, Physical and Neuro Diversity ​
Amy Chalfen
, Business Advisor

Work/Life Balance and the Unique Skills Mothers Bring to the Table

Janice Levenhagen, CEO and Founder, Chicktech

Establishing Best Practice Tech Mentor-Mentee Relationships in Your Organisation

Sharon Lee, Associate Director, Programme and Project Management, Arup

Going Digital: A Look at the Future of Wealth and Savings, from the Mass Market to Entrepreneurship.

Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Akoni Hub

Creating Gender Balance in Coding: What More Needs to Be Done?

Gen Ashley, Lead at Google WomenTechMakers London, NASA SpaceAppsChallenge London, Lead at Anita Borg Institute London
Building Inclusive Products
Charly Lester, Co-Founder & CEO, Lumen App


Gender Bias and AI: How can this be Managed? 
Gillian Docherty,
CEO, The Data Lab

Encouraging Female Tech Entrepreneurship: If the Work Culture of Big Companies Doesn’t Fit, Start Your Own!

Noor Shaker, Serial Entrepreneur


Expectations for the Growth of Technology in the Decade Ahead – Which Trends Will Come to the Fore?

Carol Morris, Head of Cloud Centre of Excellence, Barclays

Kickstarting Your Start-Up: A Practical Guide to Raising and Maintaining Venture Capital

Aislin O’Connor, Vice President, MUFG Union Bank

Embracing Diversity: Breaking Barriers to Digital Transformation  Join us at this roundtable for an honest and open discussion about how enterprise leaders can break down not only technological, but also human barriers, to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Sharmila Paranjpe, Vice President and Country Head UK & Ireland, Wipro

The Importance of Male Allies: The Role of Men in the Tech Industry’s Diversity & Inclusion Conversation

Jim Bichard, UK Insurance Lead, PwC UK

Using Tech-Based Comms to Create a More Flexible, Mobile Working Culture: What Will Working in Tech Look Like in 10 Years’ Time?
Fostering and Developing Young Female Talent in the Workplace: Removing the Barriers to Progression

Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO, Women's Engineering Society
The Future of Leadership – Shifting the balance by Inspiring Girls to be Tomorrow’s Leaders​ - Run in partnership with Modern Muse

Priya Guha, Venture Partner, Merian Ventures and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Modern Muse
Donna Robertson, Director, Modern Muse
Building a Culture of Mentoring at Facebook


  • Business benefits for building a culture of mentoring.
  • Cross-functional mentoring and impact on business collaboration and innovation.
  • The role of allyship in cross-gendered mentoring.
Shradha Budhiraja, Software Engineering Manager, Facebook
Sandi Conroy, Data Science Manager, Facebook
Pearl Oguchi, Quality Assurance Lead, Facebook



Power Hours


This workshop will help you uncover the secrets of confidence, control and charisma- how to work a room (even if you're an introvert) and connect with people quickly and effectively.

  • Give you the tools and techniques to exert influence and own a room
  • Build the confidence, resilience, and positivity to tackle multiple workplace scenarios
  • Empower you to stop hiding and take control of their career

Jodi Goldman, everywoman Associate


The pace of change is increasing and therefore we are all having to disrupt ourselves to stay relevant and current for our businesses, customers, partners and communities.  Whatever role we play in business, we all have the capacity to disrupt ourselves, by shifting our mindset and behavioural gears.  This 1 hour will focus on:

  • Learning/unlearning and relearning 
  • Embracing failure and feedback
  • Observing and questioning
  • Collaborating with diversity and experimenting

Des Christofi, everywoman Associate


Everybody is in the entertainment business now, but not everybody knows it yet. If you’re starting a big change or transformation in your organisation, the difference between success and failure is down to one thing: engagement. In this session, Torie explains why if you want to engage your customers or your employees, you need to start thinking like an entertainer.

  • Why engagement levels are falling across the world
  • How to understand your ‘audience’; what they like, what they hate.
  • How to create the culture your colleagues have always wanted.

Torie Chilcott, everywoman Associate

15:10 - 15:30
Afternoon Break
Power Hour Session


You’re the Voice: Presentation of Findings

This recap session will review the data collected during the day and present it alongside findings from similar research projects carried out in the Risk and Insurance industries. It will provide an instant view of our current attitudes to openness and transparency within our organisations, and potential actions to encourage a culture of ‘speaking up’ and establishing a baseline for future discussions across the sector.

Natalie Wharton, Founder, Wharton Business Consulting

Closing Keynote

Torie Chilcott, everywoman Associate

End of Conference