INTERACTIVE TRAINING Workshops - Tuesday 3 March 2020

08:45 - 11:30
Workshop 1
A: Mastering the art of negotiation

This workshop is ideal for all those who would like to hone their sales technique and bargaining strategy, to broker deals in the workplace with confidence.

  • Learn how to negotiate to a higher level
  • Identify potential negotiating weaknesses and learn how to avoid and eliminate them
  • Learn various skills to resolve and defuse conflict in different situations
  • Develop the skills to negotiate with management and leaders in order to maximise your chances of success in business
  • Become an expert in leveraging bargaining skills to obtain the best resolution for all and extract maximum benefit from each situation
  • Discover how these skills can help you ascend to senior management positions

Katie Snowball, Global Infrastructure - Datacentre Portfolio Strategic Lead - EMEA, Google UK
Jess Simmonds, Global Infrastructure Business Development, Google UK



11:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 14:45
Workshop 2
C: The Emerging Leader: Finding Your Style And Working With A Diverse Team

Whether you’re leading a team or about to step up into your first leadership position, this workshop will give you practical tools and techniques for becoming an impactful leader.

The session will cover:

  • Team leadership: SWOT analysis on your leadership style
  • Your leadership image: identifying stakeholders and managing the way you and your team are perceived
  • Handling conflict: the cost of avoidance, using your EQ, managing difficult conversations and dealing with peer conflict 
  • Paying it forward: being aware of the shadow you cast as a female or male leader

Pippa Isbell, everywoman Associate 



14:45 - 15:15
Refreshment Break
15:15 - 18:00
Workshop 3
D: Driving Positive Disruption: Challenging The Status Quo

Futurists are predicting that as much as 40% of businesses that exist today will no longer exist by 2030. Positive disruption is becoming an imperative in our leadership if we want to lead sustainable businesses with continued impact for our customers, partners and communities.  This workshop will get you thinking about your business, customers and leadership identifying ways to disrupt the status quo role and role modelling positive disruption behaviours that you can apply with your teams, internal and external stakeholders.  You will focus on:

  • The imperative for positive disruption in business
  • What businesses are doing to positively disrupt
  • Positive Disruptive leadership behaviours
    • Work with curiosity from an outside-in approach
    • Disrupt your own frame of reference
    • Adopt a growth mindset
    • Think big to bring about 10 fold improvement
    • Impactful moments with customers
  • Taking people with you during disruption

Des Christofi, everywoman Associate