2019 everywoman in Tech Forum: The Power of Diversity


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everywoman in Tech Forum: The Power of Diversity 


Celebrating its 5th year the everywoman in Tech Forum will be returning on 6 March 2019. Why not kick off your International Women's Day celebrations by attending this empowering one-day event focused on connecting, inspiring and motivating women in tech and building teams of gender balance and productivity.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to hear from female and male role models who innovate, challenge and embrace technology, as they share their own personal experiences and career journeys from within sectors including AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Innovation and Big Data. The event is attended by women and men working in tech across industry sectors so offers a fantastic networking opportunity.

Experience motivating keynotes, engaging panels and energising TED talks before immersing yourself in our interactive power hours. Find out more about the agenda and our speaker line-up.

The 2019 everywoman in Tech Forum is certified by The CPD Certification Service.


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In addition to the UK event, this year we will be streaming the everywoman in Tech Forum live across the globe enabling participation wherever you are based. You can email events@everywoman.com to speak to a member of our sales team about our streaming packages.



If you are interested in getting more involved with our events whether that be speaking, supporting or sponsoring we would love to hear from you at events@everywoman.com.



In addition to the everywoman in Tech Forum, we will be hosting the 2019 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards on the evening of 6 March 2019. This event is attended by 500+ leaders and influencers from across the industry who come to celebrate role models from all stages of their career achieving success in technology.

When and where
6th March 2019
Start time: 
End time: 
London Hilton on Park Lane
22 Park Lane, Mayfair
W1K 1BE London
United Kingdom



Registration and coffee


Welcome from the Founders and Directors of everywoman
Confirmed speakers:

Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE


Opening Keynote


Speaker Session


Panel Session – Women in Data
Points for discussion
  • The emerging opportunities for women in data
  • Your own experiences and challenges you have faced in this area of tech
  • How rooting diversity in this area of tech supports its growth and development
Confirmed panellists:

Sue Daley, Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI, Tech UK

Jennifer Quigley-Jones, Digital voices

Nicola Wadham, CIO, SSE


Coffee and networking


Innovation panel: AI, Machine Learning, chatbots
Points for discussion
  • Emerging innovations
  • How these technologies will alleviate challenges faced across industry sectors
  • How diversity supports innovation

Denise McQuaid, Commercial & Strategy Director, everywoman

Confirmed panellists:

Andrew Harmel-Law, Technical Principal, Thoughtworks

Dr. Marily Nika, Engineering Programme Manager, Google

Debbie Vavangas, Digital Strategy and iX Lead, UKI, IBM


Panel Session – Blockchain
Points for discussion
  • The emerging opportunities for women in blockchain
  • Your own experiences and challenges you have faced in this area of tech
  • How rooting diversity in this area of tech supports its growth and development

Jacqueline de Rojas, President, Tech UK

Confirmed panellists:

Troy Norcross, Blockchain Business Strategy

Jessica Douglas, Executive Partner, IBM Global Business Services

Michelle Chivunga, Chair of the International Committee, British Blockchain Association


The role of ethics and emotions

As we increase our focus on digital transformation, we mustn’t forget diversity and inclusion. This means applying not just our hands and minds but also our hearts and emotions to what we do. In this session we look at how this can successfully be achieved so that technology does not replace us, but simply amplifies our human ingenuity.

Confirmed speaker:

Jacky Wright, Chief Digital and Information Officer, HMRC


Modern Muse Panel

The Modern Muse charity is a mobile platform and an important resource that inspires girls, aged eleven plus, to consider their subject choices and empowers them to make more informed career decisions. Be inspired and hear from the next generation set to enter the workplace as they discuss what they believe is the future of tech and what their aspirations are for the workplace.

Confirmed moderator:

Priya Guha, Ecosystem General Manager UK, RocketSpace




Power Hour – Session 1
1. OWNING THE ROOM – Jodi Goldman, everywoman expert

In this power hour Jodi Goldman, THE Personal Impact Specialist, will run this high energy workshop where she will uncover the secrets of confidence, control and charisma.

You will learn:

  • how to get into the conversation (even with more dominant, loud personality types)
  •  how to hold attention (without getting interrupted or spoken over) so you're memorable for all the right reasons
  • how to work a room (even if you're an introvert) and connect with people quickly and effectively.

Jodi will share tools, techniques and strategies that can be applied to meetings at all levels, networking events and when presenting to audiences of any size.


2. ACHIEVING PEAK PERFORMANCE – Dr. Carlton Brown, everywoman expert


3. BEING YOUR OWN PR MACHINE – Des Christofi, everywoman expert

Knowing, owning and selling your value is vital if you want to take charge of your career.

In this session everywoman expert Des will:

  • get you thinking about and communicating your value
  • managing others perceptions of you
  • driving the right opportunities and experiences so that others have access to your current and potential assets.


4. EQ IN AN IQ WORLD – Pippa Isbell, everywoman expert

Once upon a time, IQ, the measure of verbal and mathematical or logical ability, was considered a key indicator of success.  But we all have two minds, the rational and the emotional, how we do in life and in business is determined by both.  It has become clear that  IQ needs EQ, emotional quotient or intelligence, to function effectively.

This session will:

  • highlight the variety on the wide spectrum of intelligence that makes us all tick
  • look specifically at how to harness interpersonal intelligence to lead, resolve conflicts and understand office politics.

EQ, unlike IQ, can be learned and developed throughout life. Start with us in this masterclass.




Power Hour – Session 2​


Closing Keynote


Closing remarks


Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI, Tech UK
Denise McQuaid

Denise McQuaid

Commercial & Strategy Director, Everywoman Ltd
Troy Norcross

Troy Norcross

Blockchain Business Strategy Director, SER Team
Jennifer Quigley-Jones

Jennifer Quigley-Jones

Managing Director, Digital Voices
Nicola Wadham

Nicola Wadham

Partners & sponsors
Partners & Sponsors

Gold Sponsor


At SSE ‘proud to make a difference’ is more than just our slogan; it’s a guiding principle for every single employee. That’s what makes us different from our competitors.  SSE is focussed on building inclusion into the way we do things at every point in the employee lifecycle, from attraction through to people leaving the business. We do this in place of a series of one-off interventions because we believe that building stronger foundations brings sustainable cultural change. Our approach and commitment to inclusion and diversity was recognised across our industry when SSE scooped Utility Week’s Diversity Award for 2018. SSE is extremely proud to support the 2019 everywoman in Tech Forum.

Corporate Partner

Tesco Technology
Tesco Technology

Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco” sits at the heart of our values. We are committed to providing an inclusive working environment; building an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to get on is a key action throughout the business. We not only celebrate diversity, but embrace the value it brings to enable us to serve our customers a little better every day. We’re delighted to bring this to life through our support of the everywoman in Tech Forum again this year.

Supporting Partner


Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, T-Systems is one of the world’s leading vendor-independent providers of digital services. Headquartered in Europe, we have global reach in fixed-network and mobile communications, highly secure data centres, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem built around standardised platforms and global partnerships, and the ability to offer the highest levels of security. Find out more at www.t-systems.co.uk

Corporate Partner

Lloyds Banking Group

Streaming Corporate Partner

Alexander Mann Solutions
Alexander Mann Solutions
Women in Business NI

Women in Business is the largest and fastest growing business network for female entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Ireland.  WIB facilitates women’s positive contributions to the economy and society of Northern Ireland by developing every member’s professional skills, connections and confidence to achieve their ambition. WIB promotes the fact that women are an integral and invaluable part of every business, and we celebrate women’s professional achievements.  Visit www.womeninbusinessni.com for more information.

Media Partner

Gigabit is a very proud partner to the 2019 Everywoman Tech Forum. We champion any initiative that encourages and empowers women in tech.

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