DAY 1: 25 NOVEMBER 2019

Workshop 1: Leader to Executive: Paradigm Shifts

A highly practical session where delegates will:

  • Identify the shifts in mindset and organisational knowledge that they must make at this point in their career
  • Discover the insights of those shifts which will push them out of their comfort zones as female leaders.
Led by: Pippa IsbelL, everywoman Associate
Workshop 2: The Power to Persuade: Storytelling as a Leadership Skill

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools leaders can harness to help them navigate through a multitude of leadership scenarios and one which, research has shown, women in business can find particularly challenging. 

During this practical session, delegates will:

  • Identify and recognise their own strengths and how best to address these with individuals, teams and within organisations
  • Learn how to captivate your audience, overcome challenges and leave with new ideas, skills, and fresh perspectives
  • Create their own career stories based on a tested formula and share these with another workshop attendee
Led by: Pippa IsbeLl, everywoman Associate

DAY 2: 26 NOVEMBER 2019

Coffee and registration
Karen Gill MBE & Max Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd
Opening Remarks
Keith Davies, Chief Risk and Resilience Officer, M&G Prudential.
Panel: Diversity in the Boardroom – Risking a Career in Risk

In recent years there has only been an ever so slight increase of women in management teams in risk. This session will aim to uncover why this is, how women see risk differently to men, and what needs to be done for people to fall in love with risk rather than merely fall into it.
We will be:

  • Discovering diversity challenges specific to the function – the qualitative and quantitative divide
  • The changing role of risk – the increased opportunities as a result of new requirements
  • Delving into dropping retention rates and discussing how to engage better and smarter
  • Opening up risk as a desirable, successful and exciting career path for all
Mark McLane, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, M&G plc
Lucy da Piedade, Managing Director, Control Officer, Barclays International Chief Operating Office
Jill Zucker, Vice President & Chief Credit Officer, Global Commercial Payments, EMEA, American Express
Jody Dunn, Head of Risk, IG Group
The Art of the Possible: Defying Stereotypes and Preconceptions through Inclusion

Pre-conceived ideas of women could have stopped many of our role models being who they were. We are all part of the movement to dispel limiting stereotypes but how do you practice inclusivity yourself?

Turning the conversation from deep domain knowledge to enlightening open thought

  • Challenging perceptions and eradicating negative assumptions
  • Delving into intersectionality in a business and assessing how it all needs to work together
Melanie Eusebe, Founder & Chair, The Black British Business Awards
Using Diverse Perspectives to Ensure Greater Security in Cyber & Data Management

This session will identify the possible vulnerabilities in our identification of cyber risk and the interchange of personal data. But is lack of diversity being overlooked as one of the greatest weaknesses?

  • Reducing silos within the organisation to best combat these threats at all levels
  • Ensuring a cost-effective yet best in class framework
Deborah Haworth CISM FBCS CITP, Chief Information Security Officer, Penguin Random House UK

Sharif Gardner, Cyber Security Trainer & Advisor, Axis Capital
Danyalle Brinsmead, Divisional Director, Howden Group
Lindsey Bateman, CISO, M&G plc
Getting our Heads out of the Cloud: How Tech is Shaping the Future of Risk

When ‘46% percent of risk managers viewed culture as a main challenge to digitizing’, alarm bells start ringing especially with technology increasing at such a rapid rate.
Here we will explore:

  • Issues such as legacy IT systems, conservative culture and lack of digital skills in risk
  • Future-proofing and managing algorithmic methods, including the potential risks of AI
  • Current tech disruptors and their threats and opportunities
  • The risk of not staying ahead and the competitive pressure this can mean for your business
  • How diversity plays into these aspects
A Personal Journey: Gaining Buy-In and Driving Change

Sohab joined Mari Petroleum Company (MPCL), Pakistan in 2004 as the only woman in the company and worked in Finance, Accounts and Internal Audit departments for many years. She is an excellent example of how the initiative of one person can bring about a complete change in an organization’s approach to risk management. In addition to her existing role and with previously little experience in risk management, Sohab pioneered and led the development and implementation of Enterprise Risk Management in the Company. She is now the Head of ERM at MPCL. Her story is one of dedication, perseverance, resilience and the importance of Male Allies.

Sohab Mushtaq, Head of Enterprise Risk Management, Mari Petroleum Company Limited 
Panel: New & Emerging Risks – Harnessing the Power of Diverse Teams to Assess Threats/Opportunities

The nature of risk is continually evolving, and over the last year we’ve seen aspects such as environmental issues take a bigger stage within the boardroom. Here we have a panel of experts discussing the impact of such issues, how to prioritise them and how to respond effectively.
This will include:

  • Understanding new and emerging risks and the role of a diverse team in identifying and managing these
  • Studying topical and current situations and how to respond effectively to these
Nicola Crawford, Acting Chief Risk Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Naz Ebrahim, Executive Director - Head of Prudential Risk, Morgan Stanley
Nasreen Kasenally, Chief Risk Officer, UBS
Achieving Risk Transformation through Governance, Conduct and Culture

This session will unveil how through traditional business and ever-growing tech knowledge, the face of risk is encouraging a deep collaboration between governance and culture and thus shaking up the standard organisational set up.

  • Governance and culture - easy to define but tough to implement and maintain
  • Adding diversity into the equation – how does this impact?
  • Engaging risk in wider conversations from the beginning
Inna Lim, Strategy Director (Skanska UK Business Plan 202x), Skanska UK PlC
Christopher Singh, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Revolut
Sara Hunt, Independent reputational risk management consultant and former Standard Chartered’s Head of Reputational Risk Management
Power Hour 1: Unlocking the secrets of powerful interaction
Why is it that even the most intellectually bright people sometimes struggle to relate to others?  The answer is Emotional Intelligence.  How good is yours?  In this Power Hour we will analyse some typical spoken interactions between people at work and reduce risk in communications.
everywoman’s power hours are fun and engaging bite-size learning sessions with one of everywoman’s inspirational experts
Pippa IsbeLl, everywoman Associate
Afternoon break
Power hour 2: Be a player, not a Bystander
We’ve all got a part to play in bringing the best version of ourselves into our organisations and whether you look at that day to day in striking an impact, taking charge of your career or creating an inclusive environment in which different people can thrive and make a difference. This session will get you thinking about being a player not a bystander in these spaces
everywoman’s power hours are fun and engaging bite-size learning sessions with one of everywoman’s inspirational experts
Des Cristofi, everywoman Associate
You’re the Voice: Presentation of Findings

This recap session will review the data collected during the day and present it alongside findings from the 2014-19 research of The Right Conversation’s John Higgins and insight from Wharton Business Consulting. It will provide an instant view of our current attitudes to openness and transparency within our organisations, potential actions to encourage a culture of ‘speaking up and establish a baseline for future discussions across the sector.

Natalie Wharton, Founder, Wharton Business Consulting Associate
How to Find your Funny, Useful, Beautiful and Inspiring?
Torie Chilcott, Co-founder, Paddle Consulting
Closing remarks
Karen Gill MBE & Max Benson MBE, Founders, Everywoman Ltd
Networking Drinks