everywomanReview Q3 2020

everywoman Review Q3 2020


The ‘the new normal’ will surely be up there as one of 2020’s most overused expressions. The longer-term legacy of Covid-19 on our lives is a constant thread in the conversation of everyone from politicians to economists, futurologists to entrepreneurs, world leaders to the man and woman on the street (or at home, as the case may be).
In this issue, we wanted to cut through the predictions and the guess work, the what ifs and the maybes, and bring you a piece about the future of work that is equally hopeful and uplifting, but also grounded in today’s reality and hard fact. Based on the findings and lessons of three everywoman Ambassadors, shared during our recent gathering (virtual, of course), we’ve pulled together six key reasons we should all feel optimistic about the future of work. We hope you’ll find it a refreshing read.    


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