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good night's sleep

We all know how it feels to not be able to get to sleep or to wake in the night unable to drop off again. But what happens when poor sleep becomes a persistent problem — and how can we prime ourselves to sleep better?

specialist to generalist

It may be the promotion you’ve been dreaming of, but a transition from specialising in one area of the business to managing multiple functions is a big (and often daunting) step up. In the first of a seven-part series, we’ll show you how to rise to the challenge…

Online Team Challenges

We’ve picked out eight great suggestions for challenges that will bring fun and a sense of bonding to your team, as well as positively impacting the wellbeing of everyone involved.

Choose your challenge

Achieving goals, however modest they may be, is a central tenet of happiness and success — and when those goals are chosen and set by you, they generate a sense of intention and purpose that allows you to move your life forwards in positive and powerful ways.

crystal ball

Our four-part series invites you to look beyond the here and now, and make changes that will stands your career in great stead.


How two women built a business designed to break the cycle of bias in how we communicate, from messaging to algorithms.

Lisa McAuley

Lisa McAuley talks about how she has approached the challenges of the pandemi  and what the future of travel looks like at the end of this year and beyond.

Tech Awards finalists announced

Creating a Legacy: Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Technology.


‘My GP thought that I was a hypochondriac and I even got to the point of wondering whether I was making it all up’ — in this month’s Incognito, we hear about one woman’s struggle to get diagnosed with ME, and then continue her career and fulfil her ambitions against challenging physical odds.

sleep and gender

Not sleeping well? Find out why your gender plays a big part in the quality of your sleep — and who has the advantage: men or women.

Louise Whitehouse

Our Woman of the Year at the 2020 everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards tells us what makes her tick, from 5am starts to dinner with Stephen Fry...

Sleep quiz

Take our quiz to test your nocturnal know-how and find out how to improve your chances of some sound and restorative slumber… 

Angela Salt OBE

We talk to CEO Angela Salt about the continued power of Girlguiding to foster resilience, self-belief and leadership skills in a modern world.

Business woman climbing stairs

If you struggle with goal setting, it might not just be a lack of willpower that’s causing the problem; you could be taking the wrong approach for your personality. Take our quiz to find out... 

The wellbeing quiz: how good are you at staying happy and healthy?

Life presents plenty of challenges and recent times have been no exception.

Setting goals

In an unpredictable world, the idea of having a plan can seem both pointless and precarious… Use our practical advice to help you evolve your own career and plot a positive course for your team, department or business — whatever the future holds…

Hearing loss

In this month’s Incognito, a finance director talks about the challenges of trying to work with severe hearing loss she kept secret from her employers — and how she almost gave up her career as a result.

New Chapter

You don’t always have to change jobs to change up your career; actively seeking out new perspectives and adopting new practices can help you to press the ‘reset’ button. We look at five ways to freshen up your role.

everywoman in Tech Hub

Join for free to make new connections, hone your leadership skills and access content that will inspire you to realise your true potential.

everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards

Celebrating inspirational women reshaping the Transport and Logistics  industry, open for nominations