Lina Brown, senior leader at Equiniti Group

Pursue your dreams but do your homework and be specific as to what you want – it will be easier for others to help you.

Lina Brown is a senior leader at Equiniti Group, a rapidly growing FTSE 250 multi-national business. Lina heads up the Group Commercial and Legal team that supports organic and acquisitive growth, commercial pricing and all in-house legal activity.

Lina has extensive commercial experience in the Financial Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Technology sectors.  Lina is a qualified management accountant, MBA degree holder and a seasoned commercial professional with a first class track record of delivering business growth through managing a significant number of large complex B2B relationships from bid to completion. A direct report of Equiniti Group CEO, Lina brings a wide range of commercial strategic and team-building skills that have been instrumental in growing revenue from £290m to £406m in only 3 years, through organic and acquisitive growth.

She is an active champion of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and chairs the Multi-cultural Diversity Network at Equiniti. In her spare time Lina mentors early career colleagues and students. She enjoys playing tennis in social, competitive and charity matches.

Top tips

  • To achieve career progression, know your industry: clients, competitors, key trends, latest news.
  • Make a career plan, then follow it.  Be a driver on your journey – the success will come!
  • Personal brand is the one thing that differentiates you from the others.  It is an affirmation of who you are and what you love doing, closely linked with the concept of ‘value proposition’.  To build a personal brand one needs to understand what is the one thing that you do really well, who it benefits the most and what the value of it is.  It is a little like writing a mission statement, for example, ‘I help business to grow by maximising the value of their commercial B2B relationships’.  Personal brand is closely linked to one’s personal values and goes to the core of who you are.
  • Success comes through people – who are key influencers in your business and how much time do you spend with them and how can you impress them? In order for them to help you in your career journey, try to figure out how you help them to meet their objectives.
  • For effective communication one needs to understand their audience and its expectations.  For example, when presenting to professional audiences, use well researched factual arguments.  When presenting to the executive audience, summarise key arguments and go straight to the main points, such as decisions you want them to make.


Most valuable advice given to me

"To achieve a fast career progression it as important to be easy to work with and relatable as it is to be competent.  If you support people around you, they will support you in return."

Key advice you have to give to others

Pursue your dreams but do your homework and be specific as to what you want – it will be easier for others to help you.