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Recognising the contribution of women in business


We run a portfolio of high profile awards programmes that celebrate the achievements of women across a diverse range of sectors and industries.

Through our awards we have worked with countless women, highlighting their successes and experiences.

We position the female leaders of today as role models for those coming up behind them - meanwhile showcasing their employers as ones who enable female talent to truly shine.

We also work with – and honour – the many male ambassadors of change, who are championing gender diversity within their organisations and the wider business community.



In addition, we run a programme of academies and forums where high-calibre learning and development experts provide industry-tailored leadership training for both men and women.

They then take the lessons back to their workplaces and make an instant impact, becoming role models and gender diversity champions for those coming up behind them.

For individual delegates, these events are fantastic networking opportunities.

For organisations making bookings for their staff, they are sending a clear message they are committed to the on-going development of their valued employees.

I would encourage all women who are succeeding in UK technology to consider these awards. Getting all the successful technology leaders together in one room inspires others to aim higher and achieve the seemingly ‘unachievable’. 

Winner, Woman of the Year Award, everywoman in Technology Awards

Developing the female talent pipeline



Dedicated to developing the female talent pipeline, these one day events provide future leaders with tools and techniques, real life insight and advice from successful industry experts.

Led by key industry leaders, these progressive sessions are designed to be practical to ensure attendees are engaged, motivated and reassuringly confident.

It was great to meet more like-minded people and it allowed me to expand my network, Shows women can be successful and make it to the top.

IT Consultant, IBM

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everywoman Events & Awards

Showcasing true talent, developing female talent, rewarding achievement and celebrating success.


Amy Chalfen
Across Experian we have the everywoman capability available to all our offices worldwide. We have consistently polled for feedback and have found that while usage and themes of focus may vary there is a consistent level of value and appreciation that our teams achieve through the everywoman membership. We have focus groups and grass roots brown bag sessions regularly using everywoman content from Bulgaria to the USA and Malaysia - and extremely positive individual endorsements as well.  Initially there was some concern that it would be uk centric but we have found that this is not the case and have as a result continued our global subscription for several years. Based on recent feedback this is likely to continue!
Amy Chalfen, Global Service and Delivery Director, Experian, , Experian

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