Uma Ratnam Krishnan, CEO & MD, Barclays Global Services Centre


Own who you are, believe in yourself, and keep learning

Uma started her working life as a diplomat, prior to leaving the government, Uma took an MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, and began her corporate career.

Uma credits the inspirational leaders that she has worked with during her career in supporting her to push her boundaries and build her resilience and confidence.

Top tips


  • Remain curious, and be open to people and new perspectives. Having a positive attitude is the foundation to success.
  • Next, set goals for yourself. Invest in yourself by keep learning new skills relevant to your goals. Review, revisit and reset goals whenever required.
  • Stay focused on quality and excellence driven outcomes. Be proud of your work and own up to your successes as well as failures. Have the courage to speak up when you need to.
  • Believe in yourself. Push your boundaries by taking on additional responsibilities and trying out new things.
  • Sponsors and mentors are an important part of your career path.Seek them out at every stage in your career so they can coach you, help you develop and believe in you.


the most valuable piece of advice SOMEONE HAS GIVEN YOU

Accept challenging opportunities that come your way if you believe you can Make a Difference. Some failure goes with the territory but it’s all about resilience and as you pick yourself up you will  learn  for your next challenge!

Your key piece advice to someone looking to progress

Own who you are, believe in yourself, and keep learning. And when you get a seat at the table make your voice count..Every step of the journey takes you closer to your goal.