Priyanka Jain, Head of Legal & Compliance, Experian India


Don’t let the mind draw the limit to your mindset. You are limitless

Priyanka read law at the prestigious Government Law College in Mumbai and has been learning and growing on the job for the last 17 years.

She heads the Legal & Compliance team for Experian India, prior to Experian, she worked with ICICI Prudential, the private life insurance company and Lehman Brothers, India. 

Priyanka was awarded the Women in Leadership award for the International Woman Leadership Forum in February 2017 and the Star Performer Award on 4 occasions within a span of 5 years.

She is the India lead for the “Women in Experian” initiative and is passionate about women at work and opportunity basis meritocracy.

In her spare time, Priyanka enjoys travelling, reading and cooking select recipes for her family and friends.  

Top tips

  • It is not always possible to do what you love, but it is always possible to love what you do. 

  • Resilience builds character and helps you discover your hidden strength which you were not aware existed within you. You build resilience by doing your job well, having flexibility to fit into situations and standing by your decisions in changing times.  

  • Leadership is a skill that you don’t inherit as a legacy, but develop as you harness people around you, provide them purpose and meaning that shape their careers. Leadership is making the choice of looking beyond the “me” and think about the “we”.

  • It’s not how many times you were knocked down, what counts is how many times you rise back – it’s all part of the game, show character and resilience.

  • The confidence of integrity is tremendous, be truthful and authentic.

  • There are no right and wrong decisions. What you commit to is the right decision. Make sure you give your best and make it the right decision.

  • Each day your competition is with who you were yesterday, be a better version of yourself. Make small changes to step up and just a 1% change made every day compounds to 365% of greatness


Best piece of advice I have been given

You can be a masterpiece and work in progress at the same time

When you are tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

Key Advice for someone looking to progress

Don’t let the mind draw the limit to your mindset. You are limitless