Nichelle Evans, Head of the Travel & Affinity, Barclays


It is your job to take care of your whole self!

Nichelle joined Barclays in 2018 as the Head of the Travel & Affinity cobrand credit card segment for the US Consumer Bank where she is responsible for managing top line growth and bottom line profitability for fifteen of the banks cobrand partnerships for major consumer brands including Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Carnival Cruise Lines, Priceline, NFL and UPromise. More specifically Nichelle drives growth through the development and execution of strategic marketing plans, introduction of new product launches and attracting new customers through digital marketing strategies.

Before joining Barclays, Nichelle had more than 20 years of progressive marketing and credit card management experience for Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and Bank of America. Outside of her corporate roles, Nichelle has held a senior position at advertising agency BBDO Atlanta, and she has flexed her entrepreneurial muscles as an owner and operator of an innovative, retail store concept designed to deliver marketing strategies to small business owners called PR Store.

Nichelle has an MBA from Wake Forest University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Denver. She is a member of the Barclays Embrace Network and takes a leadership role in delivering the Global Race at Work Agenda to promote Diversity & Inclusion at Barclays.

Outside of work, Nichelle is passionate about supporting schools and programs focused on minority and underprivileged children where she serves on the Finance Committee for Serviam Girls School in Wilmington, DE and is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Top tips

  • Know your strengths and always lead with them.  Place more value in what you “are” versus what you “are not” and show this to the world
  • Learn to ask the right questions.  This allows you to sift through a lot of information and get to the right answer quickly at which point you can crystalize your view and clearly communicate it to others.  
  • If you are offered a “seat at the table”, take it and when you do have something to say.  You won’t get anywhere if you stay in the shadows, don’t speak up or hide in the back of the room
  • Invest in meaningful relationships!  Giving more to a person than what you get is the key to creating impactful relationships where people are willing to lend a hand later when you them
  • Pick Up the Pieces & Move On.  If you don’t have failures, you aren’t challenging yourself.  If you aren’t challenging yourself, you aren’t growing.  Never stop growing!


Best piece of advice I have been given

It is your job to take care of your whole self!  Your boss or your company cannot do this for you.  This means know what you value, set your boundaries, and live by your choices

Key Advice for someone looking to progress

It is not how fast you get there, it’s how good you are when you do.   Don’t rush your career.  Take the time to “Get Great” by learning as much as you can along the way to build a good foundation.  It will pay off over and over again throughout your career in ways you can’t imagine today.