Lynne Stevens, Finance Director, Citizen Service, Serco UK&E

Be yourself and don’t let your personal standards drop the more you progress.

Lynne joined Serco in 2006, during which she has had numerous roles and had many development opportunities to stretch and develop her career further. She is currently the Finance Director for Citizen Services, the largest of Serco’s Business Units in the UK and Europe. Within her role, she works with many teams and is passionate about coaching, mentoring and supporting colleagues on their career journeys.

Although her children are now older, as a parent, she recognises and appreciates the importance of balancing a busy career with homelife.

Outside of work Lynne enjoys spending time with her family and her hobbies include playing netball, walking and travel. She is also a trustee for the National Youth Agency

Top tips

  • Be authentic - people will trust you more if you are true to yourself and they see your actions aligning to your words.

  • Know your boundaries - work-life balance is a balance over time: there may be times when you give more to work due to deadlines, don’t let it become addictive and don’t be apologetic when you have to take back some time for life.
  • You don’t have to be perfect at everything – accept where you need support and advice from others and ask for it! 
  • Perform above your current role – be seen as working at the higher level before you get there, be professional, be committed, and show that you are ready for the next step.
  • Career Progression is not the same as a promotion. Be prepared to move sidewards, take on additional projects and participate in discussions. It will all add to your experience for the future more senior roles even if it does not seem so at the time.

Most valuable advice given to me

Be yourself and don’t let your personal standards drop the more you progress.

Key advice you have to give to others

Seek out opportunities to increase your experience, don’t wait to be asked.