Justin Trotman, MD Transport Operations, FedEx Express Europe

I’ve worked within the UK transport industry for 30 years, and have worked in administration, sales, operations and general management.

My passions are people, safety, continuous improvement, and looking at all opportunities through a balanced lens.

I have been leading the UK Brexit working group providing solutions for customers and people within legislation guidelines.  The role involves interacting with businesses within the transport industry and beyond, while identifying challenges, sharing best practice and ideas to ensure FedEx is ready for the future.

I bring my diverse experience and seasoned approach to the network, providing solutions regionally and nationally to the challenges faced by our members.

I have been married for over 20 years and have two daughters.

A two-minute interview with Justin 

Why are you an everywoman Advocate?

I attended the FedEx Women Inclusive Network (WiN) meeting and after speaking to women and listening to their stories, both personal and professional, it inspired me to get involved in the network.  

What would people be surprised to KNOW about you?

I have a type of visual dyslexia.

cite three pivotal things in your life.

  1. Influence of my family and becoming a father – listening and patience
  2. Learning to have a work-life balance
  3. Learning from previous leaders

what was your biggest career challenge?

In my previous role, there was a disconnect in ideologies between myself and a Senior manager. Through the support of another line manager, we managed to resolve the challenge and work together very effectively.

What would you change about your career?

To work outside the UK to expand my understanding of regional and cultural working practices.

What one piece of career advice has really stuck with you.

A senior manager once shared that if people join you on a journey, make sure you keep them engaged every step of the way, so they don’t lose interest and they stay motivated.

What do you wish you knew in your early career?

The importance of work-life balance. If you have the right balance, you offer more of yourself and work smarter for the company, and your people. 


  1. Listen to your people and be visible/available to them
  2. Understand what your customer wants
  3. Be an advocate of change

Name three characteristics you look for in an executive team member.

  1. Positive attitude

  2. Ability to lead

  3. The ability to manage change

What are the three most challenging things in your role?

  1. Recruiting talent into the transport industry

  2. The amount of change happening within the industry and the speed at which it is happening

  3. Whilst change can be exciting, the speed of execution can be a challenge as everyone learns at a different rate and you need to ensure that you keep your people engaged every step of the way

Tell us about the next big thing in your sector.

Autonomy of vehicles, drones and technology advancements. This provides great platform to provide alternative delivery methods and therefore improve service, customer experience and cost in the right areas. This will have its challenges around legislation and security, also how we increase people skills into different job roles.  However, our key focus should be the sustainability of technology in the future to drive benefit for our people and the environment we live in.

Gender Diversity

Are you involved in programmes or initiatives that support gender balance?

I am involved with the FedEx Women Inclusive Network (WiN) meetings and sessions. My success is based on the success of the holistic network and the inspiring women in my own team achieving incredible things. In 2019, two women in my team were promoted into management and supervisory roles.

What is the biggest and most pressing issue for women in business today?

Work-life balance, especially for those that have children. We can overcome this by firstly being open and transparent and talking about the challenges. We can resolve the issues by looking at different working practices and the use of technology.

What value do you believe gender diversity brings to the workplace?

It provides balance to teams and an understanding/awareness to colleagues and management.

What steps can organisations take to close the gender pay gap?

Organisations need to grade and pay on the job role and not on the persons gender. Therefore, providing a fair means to reward staff.


What is the most memorable thing someone has said to you?

Find and take the opportunities that are in front of you.

What makes a powerful communicator?

Someone who speaks from the heart, who has passion and can tell a story.

Who would you say was a powerful communicator?

Alan Jones (MBE) – MD TNT Express. He combined his passion, knowledge and the ability to tell a story. He held his audience’s attention as you felt that he was speaking to you personally you felt accountable. His sense of humour was used at the right time, but he also had the ability to deliver poor news in a positive way.

What is the one thing you do to get people to listen to you?

Speak clearly, use the appropriate language for the group/person and be yourself.