Faye Shaw, Managing Director, Serco Business Solutions

Faye Shaw

I have worked in Serco for 12 years, during my time I have had several roles, with my current role being the Managing Director of our Serco Business Solutions. This is part of our business which provides Procurement, Finance, IT, Fleet and HR across the Serco business Globally and it is critical to our organisational success. I have had the pleasure of being our Business Sponsor for Serco Unlimited, the employee network which supports Disability and long-term health conditions for the last few years, and diversity and inclusion is something I feel very passionate about. In my career I have had the opportunity to work with many mentors, leaders and managers that have supported me in my journey, and paying it forward to others, supporting through coaching, mentoring and guidance is key for me. I am delighted to be one of the Serco Everywoman Ambassadors and supporting our members. 

I am very privileged to be the mother of 3 beautiful girls who are now all grown up and I am so proud seeing them all making their own way in the world.  My personal time is spent walking on the stunning beach near my home in Edinburgh and chasing my partner up hills on my bike.  I love cooking, family time and socialising with friends and have recently ventured into the world of campervan motoring.  


My 5 top tips for our members are:

Bring your authentic self to work and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.  For me listening is key and asking really good questions you are then very likely to make good decisions  Everyone talks about leadership styles but for me it is simply a case of valuing everyone’s contribution and treating others with respect, care and compassion.  I have never really planned my career but I have also never turned down an opportunity.  

The most valuable piece of advice given to me was make sure when you are communicating others have the same context as you have otherwise they will fill the void and misinterpreted what you are saying.

My one piece of advice for members looking to progress their career would be have confidence in your ability, bring your authentic self to work and grasp every opportunity that comes alone.  You can’t fail it was just your first best attempt