Dr Julie Humphreys, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA for AIG

Julie Humphreys

Don’t let your insecurities limit your ambition.

Julie has over 20 years’ experience in HR, specialising in Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Management. She holds a doctorate and is a leading expert in the effect of children on women’s careers in the UK Financial Services sector.  Responsible for defining and overseeing the Diversity & Inclusion strategy across EMEA, Julie is also a Fellow of the CIPD.  

Julie is passionate about women achieving their ambitions with or without children and acts as a mentor and sponsor. In 2017 Julie was instrumental in winning the Global Equality & Diversity (GED) Award for Most Impact.

Top tips

  • Be yourself, don’t waste your energy on trying to hide your children, your home situation or the ‘real you’. Be authentic at work.
  • Don’t succumb to imposter syndrome. Some of the most amazing, experienced women feel like imposters and that they will be ‘found out’. Believe in yourself.
  • Careers take different directions, try not to be too formulaic and trust your instincts.
  • Make new contacts and enhance your networks, they may not only bring new opportunities but can also be a support group for you.
  • It’s not a choice between having a career and having children, you can have both but be honest about what you want – and recognize that this will be different at different stages of your career.


the most valuable piece of advice SOMEONE HAS GIVEN YOU

Don’t let your insecurities limit your ambition.

Your key piece advice to someone looking to progress

Try to do things that make you feel scared, get out of your comfort zone regularly.