Cristina Serrano Saenz de Tejada, Executive Director, Head of Multinationals - UK FIG, Santander

Cristina Serrano

Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can hardly expect others to.

Cristina is a senior banker and is responsible for a portfolio of the World’s largest institutions. Her most pivotal career moment was when her line manager gave her the opportunity to be a trader, from there she became a senior trader and following that she headed up a sales trading and trading team. Today, Cristina is also a Women in Banking and Finance Executive Board Member and NED of a school. She has an Executive MBA and a master’s degree in Portfolio Management.

Cristina's Top Tips

  • Powerful communicators are people you can relate to, that you connect with. To be a great communicator, you must be an active listener and then be able to deliver the message in a personal and precise way.

  • Resilience is key, a career path is not a straight line to success but a crooked one with ups and downs.

  • Emotional intelligence is the thermometer for teamwork and co-operation

  • Micromanagement kills confidence and happiness in a team.

  • When you’re trying to solve a problem step back and say, ‘what is the other side thinking?’ - look at things from a different point of view and there’s always another answer.

  • Networking is important, but a job in itself, it takes time and effort, so you need to consider your capacity and put boundaries in place.



Most Memorable Advice Received

If you want to become an ‘X’ start acting like one so everyone believes it, starting with yourself.

What she wishes she knew at the start of her career

‘That I could actively manage my career and the importance of having a mentor.’