Barbara Iglesias, M.D. Feeder Aircraft Operations, Federal Express Europe

Be professional, be cautious, listen and take decisions quickly, and realize the importance of belonging to a network.

As an aeronautical engineer, Barbara has a very technical and wide international background in aviation. Barbara is skilled in Negotiation, ACMI Agreements, Assets management, Aircraft Maintenance, Management, and Business Development.

Barbara previously worked at BinterTechnic, being promoted to Deputy Managing Director of BinterTechnic and Managing Director of the Aircraft Operator Certificate Naysa.

Barbara joined FedEx in 2017 as Manager of Feeder Aircraft Operations and was promoted in August 2019 to EMEA Managing Director of Feeder Aircraft Operations.

Without question, Barbara’s career is progressing very rapidly, blending her deep technological knowledge in aviation with customer-centricity competencies.

Top tips

  • You need to fight for your passion, if you want something you will get something, but you need to be focused and dedicated in order to get there.

  • You need to make decisions every day and sometimes you have doubts but you need the teams to keep moving and adjust when necessary, so quick decision making is important in leadership.
  • Have ‘true grit’, perseverance,  pursue your values and goals,  stand up when you need to and stay quiet when you need to, it means thinking about your network, and working on relationships in the good and the bad moments.
  • Communicate clearly and realize the importance of this which will not only help you build a network but help you learn new things. 

  • Realize the power of the people and the importance of belonging to and building a network: look for advice in the technical aspects of the role as well as  personal - you can take advantage of other’s  experience.
  •  ‘I like managing, leading and motivating teams working in international multicultural, dynamic, digital and competitive markets; I like facing new challenges and look for new opportunities without jeopardizing my companies assets or values.‘


the most valuable piece of advice SOMEONE HAS GIVEN YOU

Be interested in history, read and learn from captains in history: how did they make the important decisions in order to make important changes.

Your key piece of advice to someone looking to progress

Be professional, be cautious, listen and take decisions quickly, and realize the importance of belonging to a network.