Amy Chalfen, Global Service & Delivery Director, Experian Decision Analytics

Amy Chalfen

There is no change without action, and there is no progress without change.

Amy Chalfen is committed to driving impactful change in business and has a passion for helping develop individual talents to achieve their potential and ambitions.

An anthropologist who came to technology leadership through law, Amy has a varied work history, from large corporates to startups. Her 20 years of experience in technology spans sales, product development and management, regulation and public policy, and service delivery amongst others. She has changed roles and companies periodically, driven by a desire to use acquired experience in new roles to build rich experience with new challenges throughout her career.

Her experience has helped her to build a deep appreciation for people with expertise and skills of all kinds, and she enjoys learning from the mentees and team members she connects with.

Top tips

  • If you want to achieve something, personally or at work, always start with “why”. “Why” is the best question. A clear purpose is the best way to find the right path.
  • Work is a big part of life. Find a place, or role, you can feel passionate about, so it’s worth the effort, and you want to put more effort it. 
  • At least every couple of years update your CV. See what you’ve learned and be clear what you’ve achieved. It helps remind you that you are growing, it changes how you think of your own capability, and nudges you to take control of your own career.
  • Use digital newsfeeds and updates, at least, be aware of what’s going on in your industry, and in adjacent areas, not just in your company. Ask around about what’s available in your company to keep senior leaders informed, and get on the distribution list. It’s really easy to end up feeling like your company is the universe – and wherever you work, that’s unlikely to be accurate!



Amy has championed Diversity across businesses since 2005, with a major focus on ensuring that diversity is a high profile topic and an easy subject to discuss. At Experian, Amy is Global Decision Analytics ambassador for the Women in Experian campaign and a sponsor of the Accelerated Development Programme focussed on developing female talent within the DA business.