Our ambassadors

Mary Perkins Specsavers
"Follow your dreams and have self-belief, determination and be prepared to challenge."
Amy Chalfen
"There is no change without action, and there is no progress without change."
anne mckenning secure trust bank ambassador
"Don’t let your ambitions be restricted by your inhibitions."
"When you’re trying to make a difference, establish who it is that cares and knock on the right doors!"
Torie Chilcott
"Be interesting and be interested."
Emma Gilthorpe
"Know your strengths and play to them. Know your weaknesses and ask for help; because asking for help is a strength in itself."
Grit! Focus on what you are trying to achieve and do not pay attention to anyone with negative views.
Hester Larkin
"Each of us are unique - be proud of that and what you can bring to the world."
Jayne Ronayne CEO  Talivest
"Ensure you are surrounded by the right people who will support you and encourage you."
Jennifer Thomas
"Know your worth and don’t be afraid to take a chance, it’s not about perfection, it’s about execution."
Jill Pringle
"As a natural introvert, for years Jill told herself she was not a people person because she was not the life and soul of the party.
Jo Stroud
"Setting up a business is challenging. But the sense of freedom and achievement, the personal control, and the opportunity to act quickly, more than make up for it. Go for it!"
There’s never any ‘I can’t do’ or ‘I’m not good at’, it’s only ever about strengths and development areas.
"Believe in yourself, follow your passion, know your numbers."
Anything is possible and dare to dream; don’t let where you’ve come from limit where you can go.
Naomi Begum-Inglis
"You will encounter barriers along the way, but how you deal with those barriers is what makes you a stronger person."
Natasha Adams Tesco
"Be yourself, be brave and grab every opportunity that comes your way – big or small."
"Read for half an hour every day, that's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest."
Nnenna Ilomechina
"You don’t have to have it all figured out, meet people, test out and try many ideas to find the one that excites and propels you forward, but also give yourself a break…it may take time, and in
"You need to demonstrate what you can contribute and what more you have to offer."
Rachel Pendred
"Be true to yourself and don't worry about what other people think of you!"
You will not get good at something unless you practice…..and when you practice you will inevitably fail on occasion…This is when you get better.
Sheila Flavell
Sheila Flavell is passionate about enhancing diversity in the workplace and creating exciting careers for the next generation of digital talent.
Sue James
"It’s about attitude, not age - having the right mindset leads to success."
Tracy Weir
"Never assume your great work has been noticed. Always ask for what you want."