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Gender diversity at all levels of the workforce is one of the keys to growth and profitability for every business.

Research shows that when women are given access to role models, and to learning and development, they are more likely to be engaged in their work, hungry to progress, and to stay with their employers.  In fact, in our 2016 study of female employees, we discovered that regular users of our personal development tool, the everywomanNetwork, are 42% more likely to be promoted, and 75% see their futures with their existing employers.

We work with organisations committed to gender diversity, helping them to achieve their ambitions of engaging, advancing and retaining female talent across their businesses. 

Showcase the female talent in your organisation

  • Give your female workers access to high quality learning and development materials that will benefit their careers and your organisation’s productivity 
  • Showcase the range of female talent that exists within your organisation, and encourage more through the talent pipeline
  • Increase your competitive positioning within your industry by retaining your female talent and keeping down turnover costs 
  • Send a clear message to your workers, your industry and the business world at large that you take gender diversity seriously and are committed to making change happen 
  • Show a clear return on your business’s investment in its female talent, with a significant, positive impact on the bottom line.

It has helped me to realise that there is a whole network of people out there with similar experiences to my own, with their own diverse styles who have gone on to build very successful careers in their own way. It’s inspirational to see that there are alternative ways of being successful.

An everywomanNetwork member, following her promotion to a management role.

White Paper Retaining and Advancing Women CTA

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Retaining and Advancing Women in Business:

A Model for Success  


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Retaining and advancing women in business white paper

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Fleur Bothwick
“EY has worked with everywoman for many years now and I have watched them grow from a UK focussed business to becoming a global player.  This was a key consideration for partnering with them as our EMEIA Area covers 98 countries across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.  When we initially worked with them, we targeted women that were committed to pursuing their own personal development.  We then launched an Area wide Womens Leadership Programme and we signed up everywomen to be a strategic partner as part of our virtual offering across all ranks.  We value the regular reporting that we get, the relationship management and the variety on offer – something for everyone.  Most of all we value everywoman’s willingness to accommodate our needs, particularly a request to make all webinars accessible by sub titling them.”
Fleur Bothwick OBE, Director of Diversity & Inclusive Leadership, EY, , Ernst and Young