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Two Businesswomen Using Laptop In Boardroom Meeting
Performance reviews are powerful tools when establishing progress against objectives. You can also use them to drive career growth. This webinar will empower you to take the lead in your review, reducing anxiety and guiding you towards finding more joy in your work.
Close-up of person reading the clothing label showing washing instructions
All clothes come with washing instructions; ‘wash me at 40 degrees’ or ‘no tumble dryer’. What if you had the same instructions when caring for individuals? Join Positive Psychology coach Sharon Aneja as she guides you through your own ‘washing instructions manual’.
Stressed business woman leader executive in tension feels worried thinking of problem challenge at meeting, female speaker nervous about result waiting for clients decision after sales presentation
Tackling crucial conversations with confidence is vital for positive change. These conversations must happen but they need thought, preparation and practice, in the same way an actor would rehearse before walking onto stage.
Shot of two pretty young business woman relaxing one moment while drinking coffee in the office.
Emotional Literacy is the ability to find language to understand and talk about human feelings. There is a myth that feelings should stay out of…
Cheerful young female engineer on a harbor showing thumb up. Cheerful female engineer smiling with giving thumbs up as sign of Success. Engineer woman holding thumbs up outdoor
When seeking to make change, personally or professionally, you must be clear on what you want. Equally important, however, is how confident you feel asking…