Beating burnout in your business. Coaching For Female Leaders

Women process stress differently to men and are therefore in the vulnerable category for burnout. Post pandemic, women are reporting higher levels of burnout than their male counterparts. In fact 47% of women state that their burnout is so bad they can’t sleep at night.  ​​​

We know that burnout is both caused by the workplace and the individual. While most wellbeing solutions treat the symptoms of burnout after a crisis, we have created an integrated solution that attacks the causes and symptoms of chronic stress and mental ill health in the workplace which are causing female leaders to burnout.  ​​

This course is about empowerment. It is designed specifically for female leaders, and it’s about:

  1. Empowering them with the tools to have successful careers without sabotaging their health and wellbeing, and,
  2. Empowering with the skills and confidence to make effective changes in their workplaces to change the story for the next generation of female leaders. 

The energised workplace programme is a series of digestible sessions over a 9 month period and focusses on the 3 C’s of reviving engagement amongst female leaders:

Catch – you get actionable insights into what’s causing your stress and burnout levels to rise, 360 feedback on your leadership style.

Cure – Our wellbeing programme optimises your stress resiliency. Our human coaching programme empowers female leaders to create an energised culture where everyone thrives. 

Care – you are supported through our energiser wellbeing community. Our live sessions are supportive and energising.

An introduction to the course from everywoman expert and programme leader Sharon Aneja:


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FREE TO ATTEND introductory webinar

Female Burnout

27 April 2023: 2.00pm (UK time)

Join Positive Psychology coach and burnout prevention specialist Sharon Aneja for an energising and insightful workshop where she will take you the top 3 strategies that organisations can use to prevent female leaders from burning out. This session goes beyond self-care and delves into tackling the causes of burnout.



The 2023 Energised Workplace Programme will run from September 2023 – May 2024

Individual delegate tickets cost £3,250+ VAT.

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"Having been a leader with an unhealthy case of imposter syndrome, my experience at the everywoman of Influence ​in Tech programme significantly changed how I view myself and support my team. Led by two inspirational women who took delegates on a journey of self-discovery to truly understand their values, mission and future leadership aspirations. Today I continue to reflect on my experience with everywoman; developing further my sense of self at work, as well as using my learnings with colleagues to support their development. It was the most valuable event I have ever attended!"
Nicky Dunderdale
Director of Digital at Psyon (past EOI in Tech delegate)