everywomanBookClub title #2: AUgust–September 2020

You are an Artist by Sarah Urist Green

Sarah Urist Green

A few years ago, curator and presenter Sarah Urist Green left her office in the basement of an art museum to travel around visiting a diverse range of artists, asking them to share prompts that relate to their own ways of working, creating and making. The result is this beautiful coffee table book, which invites you to get in touch with your own inner artist, with a range of assignments you can fit into your day to inspire creativity and creative thinking. You don’t need to draw, paint or sculpt for this book to work magic on your creative juices; Green simply asks that you keep an open mind as you go on this journey and discover how creativity — whether that’s switching up your selfie-taking style, making a rug, or learning to better empathise with diverse groups — can benefit your life and career in untold ways.



everywoman's Rebecca Lewis speaks to author Sarah Urist Green about her book You Are An Artist: Assignments to Spark Creativity..

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You Are An Artist: Assignments to Spark Creativity..

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ACTIVITY/ARTICLE: 5 creative assignments to enjoy with your team

Are your team-building sessions becoming tired and samey? Whether your group gatherings are lacking engagement, or your Zoom socials are feeling a little lacklustre now that the novelty of home-working has worn off, injecting a fun twist into your next calendar invite could be just the tonic.

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everywomanBookClub LIVE ONLINE Q&A

everywomanBookClub: Live Online Q&A with Sarah Urist Green, author of You Are An Artist

Would you like to lead a more creative life and bring more creativity to your professional role and life in general? In this live Q&A with the author of our latest book club title, You Are An Artist, author Sarah Urist Green argues that you don't need to pick up a paintbrush to unleash your creativity. We're all capable of creative thought and practice, and by tapping into this, we can gain competitive advantage over many elements of our role, from problem solving to product development, negotiation to increased energy and wellbeing. As well as being able to put your questions about the creative process to our author, Sarah will be inviting you to take part in some of the assignments outlined in her book — just bring along a pencil and some paper. You don't need to have read the book to get great insights into the creative mindset.

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