A great book has the power to educate, inspire, soothe, entertain, rouse, bring joy and so much more. Our everywomanBookClub explores brand new titles, examining them for what they teach us about ourselves, our careers and the wider world. We’ll be bringing you exclusive content on thought-leading publications, and even giving you the chance to put your own questions to the world’s leading authors. #ewBookClub

everywomanBookClub title #4: February 2021 – April 2021


Rita Clifton

Studies show that a massive 70 per cent of people feel like an imposter in their professional life. It can be debilitating, with a constant fear of being called out for not being good enough. In Love Your Imposter, Rita Clifton CBE, former Vice Chair and Strategy Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, tackles head on the myth that you need to ‘fake it until you make it’, highlighting why authenticity will be your biggest weapon as you build your personal brand and your career. In this down-to-earth and funny book, filled with practical advice, she skilfully makes the case that better people will result in better business and a fairer society.


everywomanBookClub title #3: November 2020 – January 2021

Happiness: A Mystery & 66 Attempts to Solve It by Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah

Happiness is one of life’s greatest mysteries. But what even is happiness? Why does it mean so many different things to different people? And how can we actually be happier? Drawing on decades of experience in crime writing, self-help and intensely curious observations of other people, New York Times best-selling crime writer Sophie Hannah sets out to solve the mystery. She lines up her cast of suspects and expert witnesses, from ancient philosophers to modern day life coaches. She scrutinises the clues to bring us the final big reveal — the answers we’ve all been waiting for.


everywomanBookClub title #2: August–September 2020

You are an Artist by Sarah Urist Green

Sarah Urist Green

A few years ago, curator and presenter Sarah Urist Green left her office in the basement of an art museum to travel around visiting a diverse range of artists, asking them to share prompts that relate to their own ways of working, creating and making. The result is this beautiful coffee table book, which invites you to get in touch with your own inner artist, with a range of assignments you can fit into your day to inspire creativity and creative thinking. You don’t need to draw, paint or sculpt for this book to work magic on your creative juices; Green simply asks that you keep an open mind as you go on this journey and discover how creativity — whether that’s switching up your selfie-taking style, making a rug, or learning to better empathise with diverse groups — can benefit your life and career in untold ways.


everywomanBookClub title #1: May–July 2020

Acting With Power by Deborah Gruenfeld

Deborah Gruenfeld

We all have more power than we realise; we’re probably just not using it in the right way. That’s the central premise of this new title from a longstanding professor at Stanford Business School. Part masterclass in ‘faking it ‘til you make it’, part reflection on how she’s navigated her relationship with her own power, Gruenfeld’s story is hugely relatable. You’ll find yourself wishing this book had been on your bedside table much earlier in your career. #ewBookClub

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