Our approach

Engaging, advancing and retaining women in business

Around the world, a third of organisations have no women in senior positions, and yet research has proven that gender diversity of the workforce is one of the keys to business growth and profitability.


Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

Hillary Clinton

Our research has found that when women have access to both female role models in business, and quality learning and development, they are more engaged with their organisations, advance further into senior positions and are more likely to view their futures with their existing employers. All these factors add up to lower attrition rates and associated costs, better customer and workforce relationships, and, ultimately, bigger profits. This two-pronged model for success is at the heart of what everywoman does.

Since 1999, we have worked to uncover and elevate female role models in business at every level and across a diverse range of industries and sectors. We also provide high quality learning and development tools, which have been shown to have a dramatic impact on the way women view their own careers and their futures at their present employers.

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Retaining and Advancing Women in Business:

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